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ISSUE OF CHILDREN IN ABORIGINAL COMMUNITY Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Canadian Aboriginal societies are well known for the exceptional love and pride for their children. Aboriginal societies consider children the most crucial part of the community…
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Issue of Children in Aboriginal Community
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Download file to see previous pages Aboriginal children exercise full power and liberty in all aspects of their lives, a fact that surprised many of the European colonialists who later construed that Aboriginal communities were over empowering their children and giving them unexceptional status and freedom that they did not deserve as children. European colonialist were amazed disciplinary measures used by aboriginal parents for instance, teasing and storytelling as a way of instilling discipline and moral to children. The focus and value of children between Aboriginal and European societies was entirely different because children were increasingly significant in aboriginal societies than in European societies. Children were as a source of pride, status and respect to Aboriginal people, and had freedom and power to take part in adult meetings and events. Discussion Although aboriginal children were the key source of pride for the community and the most crucial gift from God, the children and the wider aboriginal society have faced a drastic challenge in the modern society. Numerous statistical evidence reveal that two out of eight aboriginal children are living in absolute poverty; therefore, this calls for state and provincial administrations to implements some actions to improve the chances of living of the aboriginal children un urban regions and reserves. ...
Regrettably, Canadian antiquity with regard to the Native community consideration is something people cannot appreciate. French and British cultural and racial autonomy attitudes lead to marginalization and oppression of Aboriginal culture and morals. As a community, Native people are loaded with historical attitudes and acts that lead to their reputation and cultural erosion, intimidating their values and dialects, and marginalizing their spiritual practices. It is clear that the effects of such actions interrupted, restricted and ruined the status and reputation of the children by deprivation of Aboriginal historical land, displacement of the community and certain Indian Act requirements, (Francis, 1992). I think that the impacts of these actions led to the eradication of the educational, economic, and socio-political systems if the community (Aboriginal community). Aboriginal children of Canada have experience various injustices since the invasion of European. Before the arrival of European colonizers, Aboriginal children learned through observation and apprenticeship and were morally cultured through this learning method. However, missionaries and other colonialists did not approve the traditional methods of Aboriginal education, (Francis, 1992). Similarly, in an attempt to subdue and dominate the land and the natives, they forced Aboriginal children to participate in Western system of education that involved daily attendance of residential schools leading to substantial conflict between Western and Native educational practices. Experts agree before colonizers arrival, Aboriginal societies had their own systems of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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