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The enviorment now and then - Essay Example

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Topic : The Environment Now and Then The environment we live in is sustained on the natural law of nature and any manipulation by human beings can lead to the destruction of planet earth. The instability of environmental condition and its pollution has been a concern for people even in 20th century…
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The enviorment now and then
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Download file to see previous pages They argued that the people are ignorant about the slow killing process of industrialization. The article suggests that manipulation of strong law of nature is not possible for the human beings as nature would pay back to men in larger magnitude. The environment may well be the gut issue that can unify a polarized nation in the 1970s. It may also divide people who are appalled by the mess from those who have adapted to it. Here we can see that, it is in the 21st century that people realized the great aftermath of environmental pollution. In 20th century, only intellectuals, scientist and anthropologist predicted environmental disaster as they have the mental potentiality to vision the future. But the men of this age did not experience any threat from nature due to the industrial revolution .It is a fact that “nature don’t take leaps” but act on a slow basis. Gradually, as people entered the 21st century, the global environmental threat like global warming and rising of sea level started to surface. This is exactly when the human population repented about the emergence of industrial revolution. Perception of environment pollution in past and present In the 20th century, the world was just witnessing the industrialization and people saw an immediate upsurge in transportation and emergence of factories. ...
This shows the degree of ignorance among people regarding the nature and different aspects related to it. If we enquire about “ecosystem” to any educated person in 21st century he would definitely define it to us. The people of past, had little or no scientific facilities to unlock the effect of industrialization. Scientific world does mention about ecology and negative impact of industrialization on nature, but could not understand the practical impact of industrialization on nature. People in 20th century were appalled by the environmental mess but could not contain it any way. When we discuss of environmental pollution during 1970s, the effect of automobile pollution on nature was of less magnitude that that of 21st century. According to (Singh, 2009, pg.358) “Global affluence has vastly increased mobility. The number of motor vehicles in use worldwide has more than doubled since 1970, to the now imposing figure of about 600 million cars and trucks”. Here we can assert that, the people of 1970s were appalled by environmental pollution and people of 21st century are adapting to the adverse natural phenomenon. Ecology – A Subversive Science Ecology in scientific terms relate to the relationship between man and living organisms in a natural environment. Ecology could also be considered as the study of natural web of life. However, ecology of man itself cannot be examined as there is no technique or body of thought related to it. It is easier to see ecology as a subversive science as the web of life in which the human exists is too simple or meager. This ecological natural relationship between man and living organism is elastic but has insufficient depth. Ecology itself cannot be studied but only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Enviorment Now and Then Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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