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US Population Growth and its demands on the enviroment, economy and national healthcare - Research Paper Example

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U.S. Population Growth and its Demands on the Environment, Economy and National Healthcare
In regard to the Census Bureau of the United States, the population of the nation shall reach about 419 million people by 2050, and become as high as 1.2 billion people by 2100…
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US Population Growth and its demands on the enviroment, economy and national healthcare
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Extract of sample "US Population Growth and its demands on the enviroment, economy and national healthcare"

Download file to see previous pages Background The population growth of the United States is ever increasing by about 3 million people per year (Hinde, 1998). Indeed, the overpopulation issue does not exist in the vacuum. The main reason for overpopulation is not because people do not know the main ideas on birth control processes; however, it is due to the immigration of people from other foreign countries (Alejandro & Rumbaut, 1990). In fact, almost 50 percent of the United States population is due to immigration. Worldwide, the main reaction to carrying capacity setbacks would be to migrate to regions where the carrying capacity does not seem to be pushed beyond the maximum level, or it is perceived to provide opportunities. In most cases, much of the United States’ immigration is fueled by this conception, but the immigrants tend to forget that the United States does not possess endless resources. Such wrong perceptions of immigrants do not only cause injustices to the carrying capacity of the many states in the country, but also many other overpopulation components, including environmental damage, social disruption, and even unemployment (Regoeczi, 2002). Demands on the environment Perhaps, the main devastating demands of overpopulation could be seen in the United States’ environs. ...
le that the Americans keep on producing a lot of air pollutants that perhaps one day could become hazardous and even get to other regions in the world. Apart from pollution, there exist reasons for concerns regarding the farmland, wildlife, and forestry. It is because of overpopulation that United States has lost a lot of its wetlands, old-growth forests, and on a routine basis go on loosing many miles of land to developments. While a lot of factors such as forests, pollutants, energy, etc. could be those chosen to demonstrate the limitations of overpopulation on the carrying, reflection of striking example is water. Indeed, many areas within the United States, be it the central, west, and even southwest states, mostly those experiencing the rapid growth in population are inflicted either with shortages of water or contaminated water due to pollution. The demand on resources that lead to damages of forestry has caused many states in the United States face limited rainfall. Other naturally occurring water sources have also been limited resulting in serious depletion and even pollution of the ground water. Clean water is essential to the people of the United States. Carrying capacity of such limited water areas that extend many states is really a threat to the human life. It is notable that, the outcomes of overpopulation demands on the environment are negative. Resources get depleted that the environment becomes disregarded to a certain point that, many regions in the United States lose most of their capacity to support a dense population. Whenever the carrying capacity becomes exceeded, the damage to the environment is normally very severe that the carrying capacity of population for upcoming generations is highly reduced. The chains of the events regarding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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US Population Growth and Its Demands on the Enviroment, Economy and Research Paper.
“US Population Growth and Its Demands on the Enviroment, Economy and Research Paper”, n.d.
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