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List and Discuss some key values and practices you consider vital to enhancing citizen's participation in creating sustainable a - Essay Example

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Some key values and practices vital to enhancing citizen's participation in creating sustainable and healthy environment Some key values and practices vital to enhancing citizen's participation in creating sustainable and healthy environment One of the greatest challenges in creating a just and sustainable environmental policy is to establish as an active principle and practice, the right and responsibility of citizens to participate in meaningful and effective ways in the process of environmental policy development…
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List and Discuss some key values and practices you consider vital to enhancing citizens participation in creating sustainable a
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Download file to see previous pages Personal commitment & practices No environmental protection activity would taste success unless it gets public attention and cooperation. Since people are responsible for majority of the environmental destruction activities, educating the public about the necessities of environmental protection and sustainable development is a must. A slight change in the public behaviour can bring dividends in protecting the environment. For example, billions of plastic carry bags have been used daily by the people all over the world while they conduct shopping. Plastic is the number one villain in destroying environment since it is not a biodegradable material. Instead of using plastic carry bags for shopping, if public started to use paper carry bags or other environmental friendly carry bags, the use of plastic can be reduced considerably. Each person should make a conscious effort to reduce his plastic consumption as much as possible so that the environment will be benefitted immensely. In short, individuals can contribute heavily to the environmental protection activities by avoiding plastic material. ...
So, farmers should try to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers as much as possible and they should use bio fertilizers as much as possible even if the yields are slightly less. Participating governmental bodies Environmental impacts cannot be confined to the political boundaries of nation states. Pollutants from one country often travel to others, activities within a country can affect the environment of another, and the depletion of the ozone layer or changes in climate due to the release of green house gases affect us all(Singh and Singh, 2006, p.9). Participation of the governmental bodies is important for the success of environmental protection activities. Since individuals have limitations in controlling the group activities, the intervention of governmental bodies is necessary to execute the environmental protection laws in a society. For example, it is difficult for an individual to check or control the emission of greenhouse gases from vehicles. Only the governmental agencies can check the smokes coming out from the vehicles and ask the drivers or vehicle owners to do the needful. Governmental bodies can play a vital role in reducing the usage of plastic materials. As mentioned earlier, governmental bodies can ask the retailers to provide only environmental friendly carry bags to the shoppers. Consumers or shoppers have limitations in compelling or insisting the shop owners to provide paper bags or other bags manufactured from environmental friendly materials. “In most countries there are laws that regulate point pollution from specific sources, and making emission statistics public. This practice would not only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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