Considering of Existing of the US Bureau of Land Management in The Philippine Country - Case Study Example

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The paper "Considering of Existing of the US Bureau of Land Management in The Philippine Country " states that the agency cannot work on its own as it is also controlled by other subcommittees in the form of acts such as the Homestead Act, Desert Land Act and Taylor Grazing Act…
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Considering of Existing of the US Bureau of Land Management in The Philippine Country
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Extract of sample "Considering of Existing of the US Bureau of Land Management in The Philippine Country"

The Philippine country is situated in an island and this explains the reason as to why the members are prone to experience a number of natural hazards. The most common experienced hazard is the one related to the mishaps that arise from flash floods around the area. The most affected people are those who live at the river banks and these people consist of the poor who are there to make a living by selling fish. They build structures, which act as their homes, as well as their business structures forgetting the risk of being affected by natural hazards that might occur due to the nearness to the water source (Delfin 35). Thus, the reasons as to why most of the Filipinos experience these natural hazards are due to the population pressure and a limited access to resources.
Critically looking at a hazard situation arising from a typhoon, the Philippines face a number of unanticipated events that render most of them homeless and many of the individuals end up as casualties as a good number die from the incident. In an occurrence of such a tragedy, the following usually occur; some people are caught at the sea unawares and cry for help, the inhabitants run to their rescue, a number of people drown due to lack of early rescue, those saved from the calamity suffer severe injuries, the inhabitants affected with the same have their homes blown away, their property are destroyed thus left with no homes and the same time no way of making a living (Delfin 35).
In the event of the above scenario, there are a number of emergency actions taken. First and foremost, the emergency agencies are expected to be there as soon as the incident happens in order to rescue the situation. The emergency agencies are often made aware of the kind of calamities prone to occur at specific places and take the responsibility of ensuring they are well prepared to face the situation in case it occurs (Earle 174). The measures taken by the emergency agencies build trust between them and the community. Thus, the emergency agencies keep in store food and materials that they distribute to the people in the occurrence of a natural hazard. For the people who drown in the water, they are rescued by both the inhabitants and the emergency agencies. The casualties are offered immediate medication by being given first aid then transported to Manila where they receive proper treatment (Earle 178).
Those who have been rendered homeless by the occurrence of the unanticipated storm are given temporary homes to shelter which include camps, thereafter, the inhabitants are made aware of the occurrence of such incidents and told the measures to take to prepare them for such disasters. The measures include, living a distance away from the sea and making sure they are always ready to face such incidents by staying united and helping out each other at such times. The Filipinos are empowered through enlightening programs, which educate them on how to deal with environmental issues (Allen 23). The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is also an executive agency under the department of the interior. It deals with the management of public lands. Its major goals are to be able to maintain the diversity and productivity of the public lands. Thus, several committees rely on this agency. For instance, those that are involved with the public land directly. For instance, the land ministry controls the budget request of this agency (Allen 32). It lays out the needs of the government in relation to land and then the Bureau Land Management takes over from there. Under the budget, allocation of funds is done in a manner that this agency gets its fair share that is able to sustain the needs that the public land workers present.
Thus, it is clear that this agency cannot work on its own as it is also controlled by other subcommittees in the form of acts such as the Homestead Act, Desert Land Act and Taylor Grazing Act. In its operation, it deals with the regulation of activities to do with fishing, hunting, boating and hiking (Skillen 320). All these activities are geared towards maintaining a healthy land in the United States. Looking at the above discussion, it is clear that natural hazards are inevitable especially to those locations around water catchments areas i.e. Philippine. The occurrences of such calamities are unpredictable and they come about with unanticipated aftermaths that greatly affect those involved.
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