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Cradle to Cradle review - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: "Cradle to Cradle" Book review Cradle to Cradle is an influential book that is fast becoming a must-read for people with environmental friendly minds. A chemist, Michael Braungart and William McDonough, an architect, teamed up to present several concepts and ideas that are redefining the movement of green-living…
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Cradle to Cradle Book review
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Download file to see previous pages The biological resource systems are sustainable and can be returned back to nature (for instance, packaging materials that are decomposable with indigenous seeds that replant as people dispose of their goods); whilst technical systems can take the technical waste and recycle it, simply as just technical inputs into the products. According to the authors, a technical system normally refers to a situation whereby a constituent can be taken back or recycled by a business and re-used at its present quality (Braungart and McDonough 12). This book touches on the industrial revolution and also rethinks why such deliberations were made by people such as Henry Ford. In the historical context of industrial design processes, as well as how people think of success in business, is based around the context of cradle to grave, and at the same time is a history of place and time where the world’s nature was astonishingly dissimilar to today’s world. Presently, people know better although the industry momentum is difficult to stop even if it makes some sense scientifically. People could join that rush of mass disappearance as a species if they stay tied to the theories of economy. As the book progresses on, it vividly clarifies that systems that have evolved are defective and what people need to do is to rethink their concept regarding waste. As the authors ask, why is it not that water that comes out of a factory is not cleaner than what goes in? According to the authors, people need to be conceptualizing about designing environments and buildings within their locality (Braungart and McDonough 40). In fact, the present design model of cradle to grave does not even take into consideration the questions often asked. It, in fact, only asks what people can economically do with available resources in the marketplace at a return to the shareholders or owners. In the planning context, this is considered a flawed philosophy of design. The optimistic tone of the book comes as a reprieve to people who have grown tired of the menace of environmental programs. In fact, the authors cautiously avoid using fear, guilt, and other emotional ploys in order to further their case. The book, Cradle to Cradle, does not give the average reader numerous entertaining items since the authors did not base their writing on entertaining the readers. Instead, the authors successfully introduced new ideas that are presently reshaping the way architects, engineers, and others act and even think toward the environment. To the authors’ credit, much of their writing is focused on explaining how to change theories into real practice (Braungart and McDonough 80). The strategy used by the authors is highly graspable, because it relies on the straightforward ideology. Additionally, they reinforce on the fact that nearly everything is part of a cycle; thus, recycling should be given the chance to occur. These are not new concepts; in fact, there have been arguments that a sustainable economy must mimic the ways of nature. What the authors contribute in such debates is a cogent argument that aims at designing peoples’ way towards an economy that has high regard for the environment, and is hell bent to ensure that it is sustained. Throughout the book, waste is demonstrated to arise from both bad design and poor planning. In as much as laws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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