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Urbanization of Human Population - Essay Example

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Urban societies where people live are very crowded in towns and cities are an illustration of the revolution of man’s social life. Cities appeared 500 years ago, by then they were small, and only rural people occupied these cities…
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Urbanization of Human Population
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Download file to see previous pages Human beings exceed in capacity than any other community of animals. The behavior of human beings is now compared to those of insects. The speed in growth of human population is not appreciated because it is becoming detrimental. Before the year 1850, there was no community that was urbanized until the year 1900 when Great Britain was recognized as an urbanized community. Currently all industrial countries are urbanized, and they have a rapid population growth (Davis, 5). The world as a whole is not fully urbanized, but it will be in recent years.
Even the most urbanized countries show some signs of rural origins, and this is a sign of rapid urbanization. The entire impacts of man’s organic and social revolution can only be guessed. Urbanization is the total population living in urban cities. It is incorrect to assume urbanization to be the growth of cities. The movie industrial revolution shows that cities can grow without urbanization as long as rural population grows at a greater rate (Palmer). The movie also shows people have a misconception of the term urbanization because growth of cities and urbanization has occurred together. It is therefore, important to differentiate the two terms. For instance, the most advanced countries are experiencing growth in urban population yet their population is diminishing. The process of urbanization that involves concentration of human beings in cities has a beginning, and an end but the development of cities has no end. The major difference between a rural village and an urban community is their system of operation, which changes from one nation to another. The movie power and the people describe the major problem as not identifying the floor of urbanization, but it is identifying the boundaries that define an urban area. The people living within a certain political boundary (John, 15) determined the population of a city. The urban population in advanced countries has been spilling over political boundaries. The outward spread of the population made based on political boundaries does not offer a precise estimate of the city population since it exaggerates rural population. It is a major concern that many years between the emergences of small cities with that of urbanized city. It is also curious that places where urbanization originated are not the places that gave rise to major cities of the past. On the contrary, these places are known to have had low urbanization growth. Northern areas of Europe were very rural in the medieval period that it was difficult to understand urbanization. The nonurban nature of towns erased the parasitic culture of towns that eventually provided a basis for revolution. The adverse conditions that were a predicament for the age to come were low production in medieval agriculture in the acre and man term. The other reason was the feudal social system. The first reason implied that towns could not develop on local agriculture alone, and they needed to trade and manufacture items for trading. The second reason meant that they could not gain political dominance over their neighborhood. Therefore, it was rational for them to specialize in commerce and manufacture items for trading. Artisans were given houses in towns because they manufactured commodities and controlled prices of products. There was competition between towns that resulted in specialization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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