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I take a fairly balanced diet every day. It ranges from bread and egg to pulses, vegetables and meat with little fast food in between. I take three meals a day and eat a lot, however I also exercise quite regularly which helps maintain a balance…
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You Are What You Eat
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I take a fairly balanced diet every day. It ranges from bread and egg to pulses, vegetables and meat with little fast food in between. I take three meals a day and eat a lot, however I also exercise quite regularly which helps maintain a balance. Also I exercise a lot which I consider a great way to keep myself in shape. With so many activities, it is important to have a balanced and a varied diet. I do not have any health conditions nor is anyone in my family suffering from a disease that has genetic origins therefore I do not have pre-disposition to acquire a genetic disease. The top ingredients in my diet are carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Protein is a natural ingredient which is present in all the living organisms. It is one of the most important building blocks of life. Proteins play an extremely important role in making up human body and they are present in almost every part of it, from blood to hair, a large number of organs comprise of protein. Therefore an important portion of the diet should be dedicated to the intake of proteins so that the repair and growth mechanisms continue to operate in the best possible way. Our body needs a certain amount of protein daily so that it can carry out the vital processes of life. It is needed to repair tissues, form broken cells and also in blood where it is necessary for efficient transfer of oxygen to all the organs of the body. Deficiency of protein can lead to a lot of serious diseases. I take a lot of fish, beans and poultry items in my diet which are rich in different types of proteins (Boylan, Spallhoiz, & Driskell, 2008). These are all natural sources so are free from any possible side effects. A major portion of my diet also includes rice and potatoes, in fried form as well as boiled. These are extremely rich sources of carbohydrates, which is a natural ingredient found in many organic foods. In comparison with other nutrients, our body has the greatest requirement of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are to our body as petrol is to car: It is the most active fuel which is needed to run our bodies. Carbohydrates are converted to glucose which is then broken down to release energy and carry out all the activities that our body do (Hoffer & Prousky, 2006). For a healthy person like me, in order to carry out all the daily activities, it is important to have a regular intake of carbohydrates. Also since I actively take part in sports where the need for energy is much greater, a quantity of carbohydrates in my diet help me energized. Carbohydrates are also necessary because some of it is broken down and its derivatives are then combined with proteins to form glycoproteins which are an important component for all cells. The third most important component in my diet is fat. During breakfast I tend to eat butter and cheese which are good sources of fat. Since these sources are natural, they contain many other useful substances. Unlike popular belief, fats are actually very necessary for out body. Fats act as a fuel reserve, therefore when our bodies do not get enough nutrients; it breaks down fat to produce energy. Similarly fats are important components of all the cells are needed to produce hormones (Mclagan & Beisch, 2008). Excess of fat is bad since they form deposits which may clog the blood vessels; therefore I tend to eat fatty foods only at breakfast so that my diet remains balanced. Given my clean record for medical conditions and diseases, I do not think I need to make serious changes in my diet. Moreover, I am well built and my weight and height are in correct ratios. The diet I take contains a mix of all the nutrients necessary for my daily activities and the extra carbohydrates and fats I get through potatoes and intake of fried foods, are well utilized during sports activities. The only thing which I think I should change in my diet is the excessive consumption of soft drinks. Even though they do not make a major portion of my diet, an average can of soft drink contains about six table spoons of sugar. This amount although is not dangerous at my age but I may get addicted to consistent intake of soft drinks, which may ultimately cause obesity. Therefore I will try to minimize the usage of soft drinks and try to replace it with more nutritious fresh juices like that of apple and orange. On the whole, I consider that my diet can be considered to be a healthy one and the only room of improvement is to drink more fresh juices instead of soft drinks. Works Cited Boylan, M., Spallhoiz, J., & Driskell, J. (2008). Nutrition: CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY, SECOND EDITION. CRC Press;. Hoffer, A., & Prousky, J. (2006). Naturopathic Nutrition: A Guide to Nutrient-Rich Food & Nutritional Supplements for Optimum Health. Ccnm Press. Mclagan, J., & Beisch, L. (2008). Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient. Ten Speed Press. Read More
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You Are What You Eat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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