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Climate Change and The Global Warming Debate - Case Study Example

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Something is off with the weather. Too cold has just become too cold while hot just became too hot. For most people, the recognition that there is an on-going and rapid shift that indicates climate change is easy to see. Typhoons are just not how they used to be and the same goes for hurricanes, tsunamis and all other natural occurrences that are part of living in this planet…
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Climate Change and The Global Warming Debate
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Download file to see previous pages Perhaps the most illustrative and influential in getting the message across was Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ The title in itself denotes of the apprehension to identify global warming as an imperative issue that must be discussed in order to address what is necessarily happening in the world. The documentary showed among other things how the polar ice caps are swiftly melting to the effect that a huge amount of the sun’s heat is absorbed and trapped in our atmosphere causing an increase in the earth’s temperature. These glaciers play an important role and have a direct correlation to global warming. The film supports this with scientific data and research accompanied by actual pictures of places in between decades showing the discrepancy man have caused (Guggenheim & Gore, 2006). Faced with this global problem, scientists have also offered solutions to impede and slowdown the process. The most important tool in dealing with environmental woes is the shift toward sustainability for purposes that human beings do not exhaust the Earth’s natural resources. ...
Reliance on energy is a given fact and where our main sources of energy such as coal and fossil fuel are mainly consumable, they necessarily run out that those who are rich in them rake in the profit and play a major role in the determination of the world’s economy. Renewable energy comes in as an answer to this dilemma as a viable alternative source of energy. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on their 2007 Synthesis Report provides for the necessity and the benefits of renewable energy. The introduction of new policies that implement energy efficiency should entail the institution of renewable energy which also promotes economic benefits and sufficient energy accompanied by lesser pollution. Among the main thrust of the report is to identify how this should also be beneficial for developing countries who require more energy not only in the business establishments but also particularly in the household. These countries rely mostly on coal as a source of energy and often resort to deforestation. The IPCC provides that “Energy efficiency and utilisation of renewable energy offer synergies with sustainable development” (p. 59, 2007). This in consequence provides for economic benefits for countries requiring cost-efficient energy with security while reducing pollution. The main opposition to the proposition that there truly is global warming brought about mainly by the copious amount of greenhouse gasses are ubiquitously called greenhouse doubters. The advocates to bring global warming into the limelight on the other hand are most likely to call them as deniers. They have been more prominent in the 1980s through to early 2000 when there had been more scientists in consensus that global warming is a reality based on scientific data. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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