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Negative Effects of Electric Cars and Gas Cars It is arguably true that both electric and gas cars have adverse effects on the environment and health of living things. This is in form of the emission that both types of cars unleash to the environment. In most cases, emission from the cars pollute the air leading to air pollution that further traverses to water sources and land…
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Negative Effects of Electric Card and Gas Cars
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Download file to see previous pages Ozone O3 causes global warming, breathing difficulties, chest pains, lung tissue damage, and coughing. Particulate Matter may cause asthma, coughs, lung damage, heart attacks, cancer, and premature death in extreme cases. Unburned hydrogen carbon may cause cancer and while reacted with nitrogen oxides it causes the ozone. Nitrogen oxide causes lung irritation and lung damage. Subject to these effects, it is quite clear that both electric and gas cars have adverse effects on the environment and our health (Natural Gas 1). However, quantifying which type of car harbors the most significant effects is a tall order. Nevertheless, the source of electricity in an electric car clearly defines the amount of pollution created by an electric car. Hence, the source of electricity and location of deployment determines the level of pollution between the electric and gas cars. Where the source of electricity is clean, little pollution comes to place while an unclean source leads to more pollution from a gas vehicle. Hydroelectric power is a clean source of electric power while coal or oil is unclean sources of electricity (Wilkins 1). However, major sources of electricity are neither clean nor unclean thus the challenge of gauging the level of pollution. At the same time, both cars have merits that may outweigh the pollution they cause. Nevertheless, all factors considered, electric vehicles have a great potential to pollute much less than internal combustion engine vehicles. However, when the application of electric cars is in totality, they pose a great risk to pollution than gasoline vehicles. As such, there have been many studies to ascertain the actual position of pollution while comparing the electric and gasoline vehicles. This paper will seek to establish the most efficient car by comparing their negative affects to the environment and health of persons. In achieving this, the paper will address various aspects relating to both cars. In conclusion, the paper will compare the two cars with a hybrid car and deduce which is better. Fuel consumption price of the cars One of the factors that will help us to analyze the negative effects of electric and gas car is their fuel consumption and by extension their fuel consumption cost. In the year 2011, about one third of the total petroleum imports went to the transport industry (U.S. Department of Energy 1). It is factual that gasoline cars consume more petrol or diesel than the electric cars (United States Environmental Protection Agency 1). At the same time, in the US the cost of electricity varies in wide dimension to the cost of gasoline. As such, the cost of fuel consumption varies from the gas to the electric car. This cost also varies from one state to another where charges 8 cents per kilowatt-hour while Hawaii charges 36 cents per kilowatt-hour. The electric car's energy consumption rate is in kWh per 100 miles (kWh/100m) where one needs to multiply the recorded figure by the relevant electric rate to get the cost per 100 miles. Various utility companies set the cost of electricity depending on the time of use and level of use. Indeed, the consumption cost of either a gas or electric car will equally depend on the make of the car. Overall, there is an approximate 30% fuel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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