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The Debates over Environment, Population and Industrial Growth - Essay Example

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Topic: The Debates over Environment, Population and Industrial Growth Institution Affiliation: Date: The debates over environment, population and industrial growth are highly and unavoidably political and cultural…
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The Debates over Environment, Population and Industrial Growth
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Download file to see previous pages It is the environment that form proper catchment areas for water and provide means through which production is possible. Economic growth on the other side relates to a quantitative change in human lives in relation to population growth rate, education, poverty eradication, social systems and sanitation. Debates have been developed in the past which have centred in eradication of poverty, reduction of human population and others geared towards economic growth in the past especially in the less developed states of the world. However, the change and effects out of the discussions therein is yet to be seen and even so to be acknowledged. Industrial growth is an economic issue in most states affected by high rates of population growth, deficits in the balance of payments, poverty, education, research and development among other issues. Politics in any state and the cultural intake significantly impact on the ways issues in growth and development are carried out as debates on these issues rotate around them. It is the cultural content and belief that determines the need to conserve the environment, control population or even to contribute to the economic growth. The political contributions of the state also determine the extent of measures taken to eliminate stagnation and promote industrial growth. The paper seeks to show how debates on environment, industrial growth and population are politically and culturally driven. Environmental debate Politics have been used in most cases to drive desired change in certain cases. Environment preservation and the issue of global warming has been a serious problem globally and most states have come together to set parameters of control. Leaders in many countries have had debates and set standards towards such effects, which have not been realized or little effort has been done to mitigate such issues. Issues of urbanization, overgrazing, population growth and settlement in water catchment areas are related to the environment as well as pollution which still remains to be a key area. Proper control measures of pollution of the surroundings and policies set in most states are yet to be well implanted. All this is affected by the political stand and the cultural diversity which are centred in the region affected by such problems. Politicians have gained opportunities both positively and negatively to mitigate such problems and provide a way forward some for their own selfish gains. Debates held in the past years concerning environment have been captured and brought forward by contestants for considerations by the public. Such issues in relation to the environment have been used by political leaders to gain power and stand against opponents with little change been done. Some have held false promises with regard to environmental protection with several related to the road network preparation and construction, water and sanitation improvement, waste disposal, human settlement only to go back upon their words the moment their dreams are achieved. Measures and policies put and implemented on pollution of the environment are easily waiver by key political leaders and some laws made favour vital sectors believed to be led by key elements in governments. Funds for environs control even through donations have been misappropriated through campaigns especially in the lees developed states. Politics is thus a key issue on which debates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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