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Impact of Recent Specific External Environmental Change - Essay Example

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Key points Introduction of the topic in general aspects Identifying the major roles and functions of a manager The importance of each role or function in the organization Identify a particular managerial function Identification of an external environmental factor that impacts on this function General explanation of this external environmental factor The impact of this factor on that particular managerial function (Negative or Positive) How the manager is dealing with this particular impact to harmonize the company Identifying the major challenges in dealing with this external factors Conclusion of the topic with regard to the externalities and managerial function Impact of Recent Specific Ext…
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Impact of Recent Specific External Environmental Change
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Download file to see previous pages Planning is the outlined steps on how to achieve your company’s goal. For instance, I am currently working with a toy company and I apply these skills on a daily basis. However, one will realize it is important to outline steps on how to offer the best services, attract a large market share and how to expand services internationally. Organizing falls right after planning. After the manager has come up with a good plan, the manager starts to organize the materials and staff according to the plan (Adrienne 2006, p. 68). He or she will give authority to staff. Similarly, different staff members usually perform different duties. Staffing is also a key contributor to a good managerial function. A manager must work hand in hand with the human resource department in the company to ensure recruitment, training, selecting and developing employees is perfect. This helps the company in having qualified and hardworking staff. In addition, the manager needs more than just organizing or planning. The manager needs to motivate his employees. He also needs to encourage his employees. He can achieve this by solving the arising problems that the employees are facing. This helps in building a good relationship between the employees and the manager. Consequently, controlling also being one of the major functions is important. After all the four functions are in place, the manager has to be checking on the progress just to ensure that the organization is running smoothly. He has to check and ensure that the company is running in accordance with the set objectives and goals. Hence, the manager has to be in control. The external environment has two major divisions, namely: direct and indirect interactive (Bassie 2008, p. 161). In direct interactive, the environment has an immediate impact on the organization. A new competitor entering the market is a good example for direct interactive. However, in indirect interactive the environment has a secondary impact on the organization. Similarly, planning being the major role of management requires modernized and accurate decision making for the company’s achievement. It is evident that without planning, one is destined to fail. Additionally, planning gives an organization a sense of direction in that they are able to deal with any organizational problem efficiently (Burke 2010, p. 8). Without a plan, organizations are likely to make temporary choices that will impinge on the organization in the end. With a plan, long-term decisions make the organization work efficiently. Planning gives the employees a sense of motivation. The employees knowing the results will work tirelessly towards the purposed goal. In addition, it brings teamwork, with a well-outlined plan; people of different roles are able to work together in harmony knowing what they are supposed to do. Planning helps reduce potential problems in the future; it makes problem solving easier because the people involved already know how they will handle it. Similarly, a good plan helps in decision-making. However, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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