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The Future of Drinking Water - Essay Example

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Drinking water continues to be one of the top priorities in the world. In the UK for instance, based on the European standards, the latest figures on water quality are the following: around 99.96% in England and Wales, 99.83% in Scotland, and 99.81% in Northern Ireland (Water UK, 2012). …
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The Future of Drinking Water
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Download file to see previous pages The primary sector comprises the primary production of raw materials or food, while the secondary sector concerns on the processing or refining of the produced goods or raw materials. As to the distribution of the finished products, the whole concern of it lies on the tertiary sector. However, all of these sectors require the availability or abundance of quality drinking water for them to function smoothly as possible.
For instance, a quality and abundant drinking water source is necessary to ensure the sustainability of the basic needs in life, and consistency in the achievement of human health, and other related human needs. Furthermore, the availability of quality drinking water is necessary in order to successfully produce food or raw materials for the production of other products in the secondary sector. For example, a quality drinking water is necessary in the livestock industry so that there will be quality produced products that can be readily used in the processing industry. The processing industry on the other hand would require availability of clean and excellent water supply as integral component of the production of high quality standard processed foods.
The above illustrations just simply depict the importance of drinking water in the production of raw materials and down to the processing and production of secondary product offerings.
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