Global Warming. What Are the Human Behaviors which Hasten Global Warming - Essay Example

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What are the human behaviors which hasten Global Warming?
The behaviors of humans are contributing a lot in global warming. These causes are known as man-made causes and one of the main causes of global warming is pollution…
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Global Warming. What Are the Human Behaviors which Hasten Global Warming
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"Global Warming. What Are the Human Behaviors which Hasten Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages Digging out the earth’s resources such as coal, gas and oil also leads burning of fossil fuels which again release one the of greenhouse gases CO. Cutting forests and grass lands and converting them into a living place and use it for farming means letting the stored amounts of carbon enter the atmosphere. This is because those plants stores carbon and cutting down means releasing more and more carbon. This is known as deforestation. Methane is another harmful green house gas which is hundred times more powerful than carbon. Methane is basically is found underwater especially when digging out fossil fuels, landfill and leakage of natural gas. Also, methane is found in the intestines of herbivorous animals so, more live stock means more manure and more manure leads to release of methane. It is also used as the fertilizer in cropping. Another source of methane is gas consuming car which are getting more in use these days. Population is another cause of global warming which means more people requires more food and use of more transportation. Cars burns fossil fuel by consuming oil where as to provide food to such a large population agriculture is a must. In twentieth century farmers started using more chemical fertilizers and machines. These chemical fertilizers are the cause of the development of nitrogen....
(Manoj Kumar, A Cooler Climate) Crake’s decision: Crake’s intentions behind creating the hominids are right as the world really seems to be environmentally devastated and corporation controlled in future. The scientists will keep on experimenting on human without checking it and directly use for genetic treatment which is becoming a threat to the survival of humanity. According to Crake they just want to earn profits and interest without giving a thought to the consequences which will occur to those human beings. Nowadays, in world such is happening. Nuclear weapons are so devastating and bio-products are so dangerous for the survival of human beings. Technology on the other hand is invented for the ease of human but it is used as a tool to earn profits. This world consists of so many problems like pollution, global warming, many pandemic diseases, and war like situation, socio-economic issues. Crake created hominids in order to make this world peaceful and environment friendly creature that loves nature and does not harm each other and there are no such catastrophes. ( Bouson, Bloom, Lin) The culture of violence and pornography is also troubling the world and it is because of the misuse of internet. Pornographic sites are becoming cheaply and easily available everywhere on the internet. Also, sites which shows live coverage suicide and gives easy access to porn sites promotes unethical and moral less people. Games on computer are highly becoming the source of mass destructions for the adolescent and children. They enjoy playing such games which indirectly teaching them violence and feeding in their mind that how to win over anything by killing or destroying everything. Unless, they win and excels in it, they keep on playing with high concentrations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Warming. What Are the Human Behaviors Which Hasten Global Essay. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1440023-research-essay.
“Global Warming. What Are the Human Behaviors Which Hasten Global Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1440023-research-essay.
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Global warming
A warmer Earth enabled man to live in and create an environment suitable for his needs. However, as man became more industrialized, the Earth became warmer and warmer. One news report says that global warming has stopped since there has been a period where there was no recorded change in the Earth’s temperature.
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Global Warming effects human health
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Global Warming
The author claims that the fact that global warming is a threat to human life is evidenced in the impact it has had, and is likely to continue to have, on human health. Increasing numbers of people are dying as a result of heat waves, they are suffering the consequence of diseases which are spreading because of increased temperatures.
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Global Warming
The media has got a definite role within the propagation of the global warming debates which has made the entire task difficult to understand and get insight from. Since global warming is one topic that is being discussed more and more, the media is also trying its best to propagate every form of link that is attached with this phenomenon.
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Global Warming
The author of the essay comments on the cause of global warming. Namely, it is stated that it is caused by the release of industrial gases through the burning of coal, wood, and oil. As a result, when the atmospheric and sea temperatures rise, this, consequently, leads to the rise of sea levels resulting into irregular rainfall patterns.
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