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How I Reduced My Ecological Footprint - Essay Example

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In the paper “How I Reduced My Ecological Footprint” the author considers his connection to the ecosystem and biosphere. He felt that he had the urge to reduce the impacts he had on the environment through improving his activities. . This measure estimates the land a person uses…
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How I Reduced My Ecological Footprint
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Extract of sample "How I Reduced My Ecological Footprint"

Download file to see previous pages The reduction of the electricity levels that I consume also plays an important part in conserving the energy in our environment (Beder 13). Before attending the environmental class, I usually left electrical devices plugged on even when they were not in use. I also used drying machines despite there being enough sunlight to dry my clothes. These activities resulted in the wastage of energy resources at my disposal. After learning from my mistakes, I changed from most of my previous habits and adopted behaviors that enhanced my endeavors in conserving nature. Whenever I am using an electrical device at home or in school, I always leave it unplugged to ensure that  energy is conserved. The adoption of substitute energy sources such as wind, lunar and other forms of natural energy may be used to preserve energy. I have changed from using systems that consume fossil fuels when performing my routine activities. I am an active campaigner for the reduction of carbon emissions in the environment by advocating for use of natural forms of energy. To reduce the emissions I produce as a result of the lighting in my house, I have adopted the use of halogen lighting. This is because it does not produce harmful emissions and is efficient in saving energy. These practices enable me to ensure reduction of the effects of my ecological footprint.
 As a young child, I was greatly fascinated by the people who worked for lumbering factories. I really admired watching them cutting down trees and was aspiring to join them in the future. I viewed timber as a very important commodity that facilitates man’s development. Little did I know that the trees were only being cut down and there was nobody to plant new ones to replenish forests. The presence of trees ensures people live in clean and safe environments. This is because they help to filter out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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