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Position Paper on Global Warming - Essay Example

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Date Course Position paper on ‘Global Warming’ 1. Introduction Earth has witnessed numerous civilizations that have always aimed to improve the quality of life for humans. In the process of achieving such aims, industrialization and technological advancements have been witnessed in abundance…
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Position Paper on Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages However, all of such luxuries have been provided at a cost which is will be paid by the current and the next generations. Global warming is considered to be one of such costs. Global warming is an end product of the major boost in industrialization and deforestation in the past and current century which is causing alarming changes in the environment and temperature levels of the planet. 2. Causes of the Problem United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change explained that the rising of the burning of fossil fuel in vehicles, factories etc causes an alarming increment in the emissions of greenhouse gases that prove to be harmful for the environment (8). The green house gases are an accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrogen dioxide (N2O). The accumulation of these gasses in the environment tends to trap the sun rays in the Earth’s atmosphere, rather than facilitating them to radiate back to the space. The retention of the heat rays from the sum tends to cause an increment in the temperature of the planet and results in greenhouse effect. This is known as global warming. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change quoted figures that highlight the level of increment in the CO2 emissions in the past years; the boost in industrializations in the past 25 years caused an increment of emissions from 278 parts per million to an alarming high level of 379 parts per million in 2005 (8). Gore has done tremendous work with the aim of bringing about awareness regarding the crisis of global warming. He considered the production of power from fossil fuel burning as the biggest threat to global warming in the prevailing times and promotes immediate rectification of the source (4). Figure 1: Presence of CO2 in the environment over the years (Hoeven, 8) The above figure shows the increasing levels of CO2 in the environment for the past 40 years. It can also be noticed that the pace of increment has fastened since the beginning of the present century. Gore considered deforestation as the second major source of emissions of CO2 in the environment (187). The increasing trend of industrialization and urbanization has caused an increase in deforestation activities which leads to producing greater electricity and heat. Deforestation has dual effects on the environment. Firstly, upon cutting the trees the CO2 present in the trees is led out into the atmosphere. Secondly, trees are naturally equipped to absorb the CO2 from their surroundings; this natural cycle is disturbed when the trees are no longer present to absorb CO2. Toepfer explained another reason of the emergence of global warming; the depletion of ozone layer (2). Ozone layer serves as a shield (of molecules) from the intense heat rays from the sun. Toepfer stated after years of usage of manmade chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), it has been concluded by scientists that these emissions cause the depletion of the ozone layer (2). CFCs are utilized in air conditioners, refrigerators, spray cans etc. The depletion of the ozone layer disturbs the natural process of protecting the planet from intense heat rays and results in increasing the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. 3. Effects of Global Warming The following figure shows the projected increasing temperature in the atmosphere of the planet that is predicted to bear even more disastrous effects in the future: Figure 2: Projected increase in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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