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Occupational Health and Safety Management (Part II only - Explaining the accident) - Assignment Example

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RUNNING HEAD: OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT Occupational Health and Safety Management School Date Occupational Health and Safety Management Background of the Accident The accident occurred in the kitchen of a cafeteria at 8:00 pm on December 24, 2010…
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Occupational Health and Safety Management (Part II only - Explaining the accident)
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Download file to see previous pages The cleaner was working hurriedly due to the heavy workload and pressure that some water would splash on the floor. The waitress, while passing near Wong, slipped when she stepped on the slippery floor. The movements of the waitress caught the attention of Wong who abruptly glanced at her. Such sudden glance caused Wong to injure his fingers. The waitress is newly hired (reported for work on December 22nd) and was wearing heeled shoes when she slipped on the 24th of December. Just recently, the same waitress slipped in the kitchen and as she grabbed the working desk, a knife fell on the floor. The knife had been blunted, which is the same knife used by Wong. The kitchen has ventilation and sufficient lighting. The chef, assistant chef and the cleaner wore aprons and non-slippery shoes. The kitchen does not have slippery floor signage. Kitchen equipment and tools that become rusted or unusable should be properly disposed through a Disposal Form. From December 15 to 24, the cafe personnel were required to work for 11 hours a day. Therefore, at the time of the occurrence of the accident, all the staff were already fatigued and stressed due to extreme work demand. The degree of injury can be considered as a minor injury since the doctor advised Wong to take three days leave from work. Factors that Led to the Accident: Investigated and Not Identified by Manager A trail of occurrences had led to the happening of the accident. All the cafe personnel were fatigued and stressed due to overwork and pressure. The waitress was not wearing non-slippery shoes in the kitchen. The cleaner was carelessly washing the dishes that causes water splashes on the floor. She might also be negligently walking across the floor without taking notice of her surroundings. On the part of Wong, he naturally reacted to see what was happening or whether the waitress would fall toward him. While the waitress was carelessly walking across the floor, the cleaner was carelessly and negligently washing dishes; thus water that spilled on the floor made it slippery. The kitchen, although well lighted and ventilated, is not constructed properly. The sink where the dishes are washed should not be placed near the door but somewhere in the inner part of the kitchen, or the corner opposite the kitchen door. The current location of the sink really invites accidents and would be an obstruction to the movement of personnel in the kitchen. The main entrance to the kitchen should be free from any obstruction, either to the left or to the right after entering the kitchen. Although not mentioned in the incident report, the sink may be located on the left or the right side of the door. The door must be able to swing freely forward or backward. No signage was posted at conspicuous places inside the kitchen such as “Slippery Floor”, “Unauthorized Persons not Allowed”, “Always Wear Proper Kitchen Attire”, and several others. There is also inadequacy in the procedure inside the kitchen. The waitress should not be allowed to approach the working area of the chef and assistant chef to get the food. The food ready to be served must be placed by the assistant chef at a place near the entrance of the door, but far enough so as not to cause an obstruction. In this manner, the waitress would not be disrupting the attention of the assistant chef ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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