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Water Safety and Its Guidelines - Essay Example

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It is evidently clear from this discussion that education about water safety and its guidelines are of utmost importance for the entire community, as it would save the lives of the people especially the young kids from drowning to a large extent…
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Water Safety and Its Guidelines
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Download file to see previous pages Water is considered one of the most significant and vital sources for an individual to survive. Where the environment and water is one of the precious gifts as an offering to humanity from nature, it has proved to be one of the deadly and fatal reserves. The water covers more than half of the world, yet communities and societies are having difficulties and trouble in providing citizens with pure and clean drinking water. The water pollution has left an indelible imprint not only on humans, on marine life, and on the environment but it has adversely affected the world of business (Pancella, 2005).
According to the recent statistical information of the United States of America, it has come under observation that there are several reasons and grounds for the accidental and unintentional deaths in the U.S. and amongst them drowning or submerging in water is one of the crucial, major, and substantial causes. The contemporary data also presents the evidence that the proportion of human life loss and injury due to drowning comes in the ranking chart as a principal and leading cause. This trend has come under surveillance particularly amongst the young children of less than fifteen years in age (Barraclough, 2007). Therefore, it becomes an important factor and aspect to educate the visitors and the general populace about water safety. One of the most effective ways of spreading and promoting the theme and moral of water safety is the commencement of projects and programs on the community level. The community-based programs come under-functioning and demonstration in parks, health fairs, classrooms, and many other places (Pancella, 2005). These projects and community programs are even in alliance and joint ventures with companies on a district or provincial level. Such programs play a vital and imperative role in creating awareness, familiarity, learning, and education on water safety for the entire community. It not only benefits the denizens of the community, rather, it also facilitates the local businesses, as well as they, do get the opportunity to market them and create their brand name (Barraclough, 2007). As the programs and projects are held in association and affiliation with the local coast guard companies, it helps in better understanding the local culture, customs, way of living and their perceptions about the residents of that place, and alleviates and eradicates the cultural barriers (Pancella, 2005). The projects and programs involve activities and online games for the children and the people that include ‘life jacket loaner program’, ‘floatation citations’, ‘demonstration of water safety practices’, ‘safe boating’, ‘water safety adventures’ and many more (Pancella, 2005). Other means of fun, entertainment and educational activities that emphasize and highlight the significance of water safety incorporate contests and endow with rewards or gifts, posters, coloring books, t-shirts, coupons and discounts, and many others (Barraclough, 2007). Programs and projects commenced at health fairs prove and authenticate to be an influential, dominant, and persuading factor in the learning of water safety tips and guidelines. As people are always concerned about their health, therefore the ratio of people visiting the health fairs tends to be relatively high. In addition, the health-fairs underline and focus on entertainment activities and promote the learning process with real-life examples, rather than just providing the written piece of information in the form of long handouts; therefore, they attract and motivate the young people to be a part of it (Pancella, 2005).
These health fairs provide the people with practical and applied activities in the form of teachings in different and small cubicle stands that an individual can easily retain and get the awareness of the importance of a particular topic.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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