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Architect And Engineer - Term Paper Example

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7 June 2011. Achitect vs Engineer: Architects and engineers are generally considered the same, whereas the two are very different professions in reality. In the ancient times, engineers made use of trial and error method to reach the optimum design of a structure…
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Architect And Engineer
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Download file to see previous pages Leonardo da Vinci bore the official title of Ingegnere Generale. His notebooks reveal that some Renaissance engineers began to ask systematically what works and why. (“History of engineering”). An architect is an individual who designs a structure whereas an engineer is an individual who designs as well as constructs a structure. Although both the architect and engineer design a structure, yet their designs are entirely different for the same structure. While designing a structure, an architect takes into consideration such factors as space utilization, geometry, integration, matching and contrast and orientation of the structure whereas an engineer takes care of the composition of elements, selection of materials of construction, choice of the steel ratio and the water/cement (w/c) ratio, and the strength of materials. In addition to that, the engineer also constructs the structure. Construction involves planning, scheduling, executing and supervising the project. An architect and an engineer differ in their job responsibilities. An architect is responsible to decide the look of the structure whereas an engineer actually brings that look from the architect’s imagination to the ground in the form of the structure. Thus, architects are basically designers and engineers are basically constructors, though they also design the structure. “"Engineering is the application of mathematics and science to create something of value from natural resources."” (Abrol). In order to be an architect, one needs to graduate in architecture whereas to be an engineer, a Bachelor’s degree of engineering is required. Both are licensed and registered by their respective councils. An architect may specialize in such fields as space management, vertical construction or horizontal construction whereas an engineer specializes in the fields of management, structures, geology and transportation etc. Sir Marc Isambard Brunel was a famous French engineer. Brunel was born on 25 April 1769 and lived up to 12 December 1849 (“Marc Brunel”). Brunel was born in France and later settled in UK. Brunel became the chief engineer of NY in 1793. He is particularly known for devising the technique of manufacturing the rigging blocks for navy. The Thames foot tunnel is one of Brunel’s biggest achievements. It was originally constructed for the horsedrawn traffic, though pedestrians used it first because of bankruptcy. Currently, it carries the “East London Line of the London Underground” (“Marc Brunel”). Brunel used the tunneling shield for making this tunnel. This shield was a mobile framework meant to protect the laborers from the collapses while they worked on the water-bearing ground. Engineer Marc Brunel (“Marc Brunel”). A very famous railway engineer in UK in the Victorian age was Sir Thomas Bouch. Bouch was born on 25 February 1822 and lived up to 30 October 1880. Bouch has invented “the caisson and the train ferry (roll-on roll-off)” (“Thomas Bouch”). Bouch was the designer of the first Tay Rail Bridge. To appreciate his endeavors, Queen Victoria traveled over the Tay Rail Bridge upon its official opening. She also awarded Bouch a knighthood. Engineer Thomas Bouch (“Thomas Bouch”). In order to reduce the cost, the railway company had compromised upon the safety and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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