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It was wrath of God and heavenly bodies to punish the human iniquities. In fear, family members would hung kinsmen and leave the homes. Government paid hefty chunks of money to have dead buried. Clergymen escaped into black countries not to administer burial rituals, to save…
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Short questions about western civilization
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There emerged fleas spreading the Yersinia pestis virus and would bound on rats, which would hide away on ships, and infect everyone on board.
2. It was wrath of God and heavenly bodies to punish the human iniquities. In fear, family members would hung kinsmen and leave the homes. Government paid hefty chunks of money to have dead buried. Clergymen escaped into black countries not to administer burial rituals, to save their life (Bonomi 2003).
3. It reduced human population to a sixty percent rate. People had to abandon their residences, flee the cities, and hide away from the world. Working stopped. Others countered the wrath of god in vehement prayers, as clergymen died decreasing faith in religion. There came inflation due to scarcity of workers hence no production.
4. i) The war resulted due to dynasty disagreements. William, duke of England despised King of France by not paying homage. The Kingdom of France, and England fort for control of French throne (Bonomi 2003).
ii)Joan of Arc in his divine purpose, came and united the French Nation in their struggle. These gave them enough morale and hope later winning the war.
5. Fro m military purposes, renaissance era began after dark period elapsed. This gave way to research and discovery in naval ships, new trade routes, and navigation techniques. Press printing assisted a lot.
6. Schism meant the division in the church in eleventh A.D. THE Catholic Church split into Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Church.
7. The council aimed at ending the Papal schism in Avignon Papacy. It ended Three-Pope controversy by accepting the resignation of Papal claimants and elected Pope Martin V. It voiced the killing of Jun Hus and ruled out on security matters, and the freedom of pagans (Bonomi 2003).
8. Marsilius of Pauda turned down the godly beginning of papal body. John Wycliffe led a kind of rebellious sect, which preached for biblically centered reforms. He was the morning star of Reformation in influencing secular power. Jan Hus, a Czech reformer, is the initiator of church reformation ahead of Luther and Calvin and a key predecessor to protestant movement in 16th C (Bonomi 2003).
9. The themes included philosophy, literature, and science. Philosophy and literature defined the way of life from logic, to natural, moral, and metaphysics a structure for university education. Science explored the numerous invention milestones, fro machines, geography, chemistry, and mathematics.
10. I) Sandro Botticelli, through Neo-Platonism principle, he gave way to painting mythological religious images.
ii)Michelangelo, in artistry principle and the greatest in his time, gave creativity and intellectual prowess.
iii) Raphael an Italian painter, contributed in architecture. His genie showed clarity and simplicity in composition. Artistic principles gave her supreme human greatness.
iv) Donatello got the greatest accolade as a sculptor in 15th C. He prescribed into the principles of humanism and nature.
v) Da vinci, an Italian polymath, gave the lead in painting, sculptor, architecture, music, science and engineering. He prescribed into artistry principle.
vi) Fillippo, an Italian first architect and engineer. Artistic prowess characterized his principles.
vii) Jan, a Dutch painter and revolution master, gave innovation in artistry and technical quality.
viii) Albretch, a German conformed to mathematics principle, a great printmaker, and a theorist.
11. They needed biblical and new testament theology from Catholic Conservatisms. 16th c came as a time of God Reformation out of control from Roman Catholics’.
12. He rooted on five creeds. To always, consult bible, to adore pure faith, grace came free to all, Christ is our mediator, and glory goes to God (Bonomi 2003).
13. He clang on seven principles but the show that faith demanded active commitment to God came as his strong point.
14. He believed in rational, reserved and systematizes basic values of reorganization through his authoritative Christian religion.
15. A socially repulsive group, believed in practical Christian obedience and only God grace can change his people.
16. It came through dialogue among the Protestants and Catholics, and consolidating their own religious identity. The uprising of renaissance again helped to quell the conflicts since drifted to self-actualization (Bonomi 2003).
Work cited
Bonomi, Patricia U. Under the Cope of Heaven: Religion, Society, and Politics in Colonial America. New Yoke: Oxford University Press, 2003. Print. Read More
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