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Is the United States an empire To what extent do you agree or disagree - Essay Example

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USA as an empire Outline: 1. Introduction 2. USA as an Empire 3. Diversity Management 4. Expansionist Policies and USA Military 5. outside of the US case (French Algeria, British Kenya, and elsewhere) 6. Conclusion 7. Work Cited. Introduction Empire The definition of an empire is that it’s a single political unit, comprising of a single extensive territory or a number of territories/nations, which is being ruled by a single supreme authority…
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Is the United States an empire To what extent do you agree or disagree
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, the Mongol empire extended from Southeast Asia all the way to Europe. On the other hand, the tenure of the Byzantine Empire covered years 395 to 1453.Whereas, when at its peak the British Empire was able to rule over approximately one-fourth of the total world population (The world Empire) The US global empire however is different than the previous empires the world has seen. The uniqueness in the nature of this empire is the global presence that it enjoys as opposed to the control over huge masses of land etc. such a presence is almost immeasurable. The recent US Defense Department “Base Structure Report” identified that the physical assets of the Department comprise of more than 600,000 individual buildings and other structures covering more than 6,000 locations and are spread over an area of more than 30 million acres. To be exact, the total number of locations is 6,702 which is then sub-divided into: 115 large installations; 115 medium installations; & 6,472 small installations / locations. Although the major portions of these locations are found in North America, however a considerable number of locations are found outside this region. ...
S. Department of State indicates that all the 192 countries in the world, with the exception of Bhutan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, have diplomatic relations with the United States of America. All these countries also enjoy the membership of the “United Nations” with the exception of the Vatican City. “Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Regional Area” (a publication by Department of Defence) states that the troops of the United States of America are presently posted in up to 135 countries. This amounts to 70% of the world’s countries. America is the world’s only super power by the reason of its having an advantage over the rest of the world due to its military capability, economy, global influence, scientific and technological edge and its alliances throughout the world.(Historical News Network) USA status as an empire Empire would mean political control the one that is exercised by one organized sort of political unit over that of another unit separate from an alien to it. Many of the factors enter into empire—the economics, technology, religion, ideology above all the military strategy and weaponry--but the vital core is political: the possession of the final authority by one of the entity over vital political decisions of another. (USA as an empire) This might not mean the direct rule exercised by any formal occupation and administration; but most empires involve the informal, indirect rule. But the real empires require the effective final authority so states can enjoy various types of superiority or domination over that of others without being empires.( defining Empire, is the US an Empire) This empire dialectic yields some of the profound historical lessons, offered without proof, though the historical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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