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Name Instructor Course Date Technical Security Kaspersky versus Panda Antiviruses Viruses are a nightmare to most computer users. Viruses interferee with the normal functioning of the computer system with several gross effects being the end result of their activities…
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Evaluate technical security or privacy products for selection
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Download file to see previous pages One of the best methods of dealing with visuses is by the use of antivirus software. These software are made by different companies and come with unique trade names. This paper is dedicated to analysing the suitability of two such software, Kaspersky and Panda, in fighting viruses. Karspersky anti- virus 2011 is a vital organ for the PC security system that offers protection on a range on information technology threats. It is designed to mostly offer services for the home and offices. No administration of special tools is required during the installation since it is faster in installing. It offers protection against viruses and spyware and scans the websites and emails to ensure that there are no malicious codes and through this one is assured of continued protection of his digital technology. It will provide the user with an easy access to the desktop. The karspersky anti virus 2011 for Mac offers the user an advanced updated security for his technology and does not impact negatively on the computer. Panda antivirus pro 2012 is another antivirus product which can be installed in the safe mode where the safe disk has the CD that is bootable. With the optimal safe browser it is able to protect its privacy with the help of the web based malware, USB vaccine and the vulnerability scan (Axelrod, Jennifer & Daniel 45). It has several features that are present in a suite commonly referred to as the firewall. It is more effective in the actual malware protection in order to avoid future problems. It adds firewall protection, a parental control and antispam to its antivirus to make it effective. Despite its effectiveness it does not effectively clean all the malware when detected in the computer. Its main window has a dark appearance though it still behaves like other security products. Panda anti virus pro 2012 will display its features at a click and head on to the other features as you continue to click. One is able to access the configuration and reporting features present in it. It has statistics page breaks that are able to detect threats by their type while for the advanced statistics page they go to an extent of detecting threats in the email and the network threats too. Panda also does not take part in the virus bulletin’s VB100 testing since it has already been certified by the ICSA labs and West Coast labs as an antivirus that is good for detecting virus and removing it (Rannenberg 23). The latest online reviews indicate that it is the second largest rating and has gone further to come up with a measure that enables it to resist any infestation of the malware. Karspersky anti- virus 2011 will protect your digital life by checking the files and the mail attachments. It is therefore a safeguard to the life of an individual online. It blocks the threats as soon as it gets to know about them. Online reviews see it as very fast, effective an unobtrusive and can be used even in the most demanding applications. The quality of both technologies has been estimated with reference to their speed and ability to protect the computers from attack by threats. Karspersky has a familiar look like the normal applications and can be applied even in the most complex settings because of its speed. They are easy to install and they let you manage them because of the defaults that are not complicated. Panda offers a variety of anti virus from which to choose from as they are based on intelligence technology. The protection offered by the antivirus ensures privacy in the sense that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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