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Atmospheric pollution and its affect on human health - Essay Example

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Complete Name: Course: Title: Atmospheric Pollution and its Effect on Human Health Smog is one type of air pollution formed when a smoke emitted from various sources combines with a fog in the atmosphere. Several factories or manufacturing firms are initially responsible for generating smoke out of a variety of chemicals typically utilized for cleaning, refining, and other related processes during production…
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Atmospheric pollution and its affect on human health
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Download file to see previous pages Accidental air comes from leakage and blasts in industrial furnaces, as well as through ample consumption of fuel alternatives, and smoking. On the other hand, industrial air pollution characterizes a type that pollutes the environment via the emissions caused by thermal plant operations, wide use of construction materials such as cement and steel, fertilizers, pesticides, atomic units, and industrial wastes. Green house effect derived from the contamination of several important gases and fossil fuel combustion in the air makes another foul contribution and this type is especially characteristic of green house gases namely carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and ozone which return to the lower atmospheric region after evolution against gravity. Transport related air pollution similarly originates from smoke brought about by petrol or diesel burnt in different vehicular engines which correspondingly emit noxious gases in mild to poisonous concentrations at worst. How does each of these types of air pollution affect human health and the environment? Smog is proven to have caused serious respiratory diseases as in the 1952 incident in London that resulted in the death of 4,000 people. Greenhouse gases equivalently pose threat on crops and livestock besides exhibiting potential harm on human skin which may be impacted by corrosion or cancer upon based on critical gas levels. As heat exceedingly builds up due to greenhouse effect, this further leads to climate change and global warming. By transport related air pollution, carbon monoxide for instance can drive oxygen out of the bloodstream, causing apathy, fatigue, headache, disorientation, and decreased muscular coordination and visual acuity. Industrial plants capable of releasing untreated wastes along with high levels of sulfuric or nitric acids make possible the precipitation of acid rain that gradually erodes building structures, contaminates vegetation, drinking water, and even the aquatic habitat. Birth defects, genetic mutations, and damage to neurological systems may also follow as consequences of long-term exposure to toxic materials with high percentages in air. What are some ways to control air pollution? Since human activities comprise either the primary or secondary sources of air pollution, control over these activities hence becomes essential in suppressing pollutants from building up in hazardous degrees of contact with the atmosphere. Car pool is one such means to arrive at this goal which takes to effect lower consumption of fossil fuels once fewer cars are used upon implementation. This way, fossil fuels are sustained and conserved for later applications. In the similar manner, taking advantage of the public transport may help regulate emissions properly besides being an act of support to augment public income. One may opt to walk or simply ride a bicycle to cover short distances as much as possible so that certain quantities of gas are saved while there would be a number of places which can be freed eventually of smoke and of the uncomfortably warmer temperatures due to sensible heat if most people heartily participate in this endeavor of minimizing the use of major emission source. Likewise, there is quite an immense worth in utilizing alternative sources of energy aside from the traditional fuels. If there emerges ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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