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Argue which three employability skills (Communication, Citical thinking and teamwork) employers would consider to be the most im - Essay Example

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Order#: 542433 Bernhard Bierlich, Ph.D. 06.02.11 Completed: 23:55 Employability Skills: Communication, critical thinking and teamwork CONTENTS Introduction Communication Critical thinking Teamwork Conclusion References Word count: 2,057 (pp. 2-9) Introduction High communicative skills, critical thinking and being an excellent team player are all highly desired characteristics employers are looking for in candidates for a nursing position…
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Argue which three employability skills (Communication, Citical thinking and teamwork) employers would consider to be the most im
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Download file to see previous pages The feature of teamwork is a fine example to focus on in that the two afore-mentioned characteristics (communication and critical thinking) come in to play in terms of what any a position demands with regard to a clear understanding of overall goals and the expected role to be performed. An understanding and ability to perform well in a team is critical. The following essay focuses on these three elements of communication, critical thinking and the value of team work/being “a team player”, a person who is comfortable working in a team. The latter characteristic, team work, expresses what it takes to achieve employment. While the former two are indispensable, it demands the ability to work in a team to bring out one’s skills of communication and critical thinking. Communication Being a “good” communicator is essential. Within health care, it can take several different forms, it can be paternalistic or empathic and caring and involve the patient in decisions regarding his/her care (Brotherton et al., 2006). A nurse’s communicative skills reflect the major goal of nursing, namely being person-oriented and humanistic in one’s practices and patient care. ...
Communication must be person centered. This allows us to look at ill-health as linked to human beings and embedded in the life course of individuals, a life course that is specific and continually changes, develops and is highly complex. Communication must, thus, rest on an understanding that sickness and related impairments have various social and psychological dimensions. In one’s communication and care for the patient one must realize that there are two sides to sickness, “disease” (biological malfunctions recorded as particular disease categories, e.g., cancer, neurological disorders, cardiac diseases, palsy) and the response to these by patients and their carers (family), the “illness experience”. The diagnosis of disease is based on external medical criteria. “Illness”, on the other hand, is defined as the personal reaction to “perceived disease”. Illness is, by this definition, a personal construction and refers to the world of the patient, his/her coping with illness. The distinction between “disease” and “illness” provides a view of the social and psychological complexities involved, and is fundamental to a comprehension of the patient (Good 1994). Critical Thinking On the top of a potential employer’s list is often a candidate’s problem-solving skills, i.e. a person’s ability to successfully to complete a task and/or solve a problem, which may involve a great deal of creativity and/or pooling of his/her team’s resources (see on “teamwork” below).. The next characteristic to be stressed therefore, the faculty of critical thinking, shapes and is shaped by the previously-discussed fundamental communicative approach to the patient as a human being. These two attributes are clearly interlinked. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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