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(Name) (Professor) (Course) (Date) The Informed Argument: A Summary The book “The Informed Argument,” written by Robert Yagelski and Robert Miller, is a comprehensive text that talks about the dynamics of having an effective argument. Both Yagelski and Miller presented different contextual information that are arranged according to several thematic themes, all of which equips the students of what they need in order to effectively enter any argument in any form of media…
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Download file to see previous pages In this part, Yagelski and Miller focuses on discussing the meaning and essence of an argument, and as well as how to analyze the different kinds of arguments that they may read or encounter, in which they argued that analyzing both the argument itself and the audience is important (Yagelski and Miller 100-140). Some of the most important concepts that Yagelski and Miller illustrated include understanding what is an argument and its purposes, the different contexts present in argumentation, and as well as the different kinds of argumentation in relation with how they are presented in tri-media—that is, print, visual and electronic. The second part of the book tried to illustrate the basic concepts of composing an argument. In this case, the authors discussed the different models of argumentation, including the different meanings of ethos, pathos and logos and how they are utilized on argumentation, the basics of the Toulmin Model of Argumentation, and as well as evaluating claims and warrants. ...
Here, Yagelski and Miller asserted that while managing how to compose is important, the expectations of the audience is as equally important, and that it must always be taken into consideration whenever making an argument (Yagelski and Miller 317-345). In addition, the authors added that doing solid research is also important in making a solid argument, especially when one is able to make a comprehensive structure of arguments according to credible evidences. While doing research may determine a lot on how to make an argument credible and believable, properly documenting the different sources that were used also plays an important part. In fact, both Yagelski and Miller confirms that while good sources may make an argument credible and believable, utilizing bad sources can also destroy the credibility of an argument (Yagelski and Miller 427-451). In order to make research and documentation scholarly, the authors presented the different ways on documenting sources, including the MLA and APA style. The last part of the book tries to illustrate the different kinds of arguments, presenting different pieces of arguments in very hot issues such as gun control, immigration control, AIDS, and even literary criticism. In this part of the book, Yagelski and Miller claimed that while different styles of argument are used in every context of argumentation, anyone can still make a solid argument in any issue as long as the argument is actually grounded in solid research, has been constructed clearly, systematically and strategically, and has met the expectations of the audience in a way that gained their sympathy and belief (Yagelski and Miller 600-678). The nice thing about this part of the book is that it presents the readers a wide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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