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Goodbye to all that by Robert Graves - Book Report/Review Example

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 This review discusses the autobiography by R. Graves, Good-bye to All, has been a landmark anti-war memoir of life in the trenches during the World War I and the author expresses his cynicism in the existence of the traditional and established values in European and English society…
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Goodbye to all that by Robert Graves
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Extract of sample "Goodbye to all that by Robert Graves"

Download file to see previous pages  However, the bulk of the book gives details of the author's military service during World War I and the work remains one of the most stupendous personal narratives of World War I in English. Although one may not be fascinated by the moral vision of the book, like that of the poetry of his compatriots such as Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, Good-bye to All is definitely unsurpassed for the author's insight into the psychology of life in the trenches. Similarly, the author is at his best when he gives descriptions of his relationships with other distinguished personalities such as the climber George Mallory, T.E. Lawrence, and Thomas Hardy. Most significantly, the work by Robert Graves catches the attention of a reader who is interested in the personal side of World War I and the personal aspects of the author himself. Therefore, the author provides a very convincing account of his childhood, youth, and military service through this autobiography and the work acts as an effective teaching tool as it deals with an important personal version of the World War I. "Good-bye to All is indeed a brilliantly impressionistic account of Robert's early life, packed full of interest and excitement, and it is one of the finest and most vivid records of life in the trenches during the First World War. Written in a cool, laconic style, without a trace of pretentiousness, it addresses the reader simply, clearly, directly, and often most movingly." (Graves, xi)
In his autobiography, Robert Graves depicts a convincing picture of his childhood and the various aspects of his family become obvious in this account. Born in the prosperous London suburb of Wimbledon on 24 July 1895, Graves was the son of an Irish Inspector of Schools with a 'second career' as a poet and his mother was a German who wanted her extended family to be saintly as well as successful. The author's mother belonged to the von Ranked family and his great uncle Leopold von Ranke was the first modern historian. At the age of eighteen, his mother was sent to England companion to a lonely old woman and she met his father who was at that time a widower with five children. Graves' father's family, the Graveses, was Irish and his father was a poet as well as an inspector of schools for the Southwark.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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