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Literary Theory The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan and 2 short answer questions(Kindly have a look at the Assignment Require - Essay Example

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Professor Name: Date: Post-colonialism The notion post-colonialism simply refers to the theories pointing out the impact and influence of the European imperialism on the social, cultural, religious and economic fields of the poor Asian, African and Latin American states…
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Literary Theory The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan and 2 short answer questions(Kindly have a look at the Assignment Require
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Download file to see previous pages e and dependent for the future decades to come, and seldom take initiative for the uplift of their culture. His famous play “The Road” defines the very reality that foreign rule over a country apparently unites the nation against the common enemy; somehow, this artificial unity and synthetic bond between the naturally divided classes cause further acceleration of hatred and conflict between them, where the haves exploit the haves-not stand against one another with stronger enthusiasm. Soyinka is of the view that corruption binds the national institutions in such a manner that the public departments become the symbol of corruption and malpractices. (The Road, 1987) The same issues have been discussed by celebrated legislator, lawyer and writer Anghie (2005), where he submits to state that the imperialism does not depart from the third world for good; rather, it remains active through its policies, technological advancements, culture and agents, which keep the ball of foreign imperialism rolling forever and ever. Illustrious Palestinian-American writer and human rights activist Edward Said (1978) has also thrown light on the same problem, where the once subjugated states are unable to obtain complete freedom from the awkward clutches of imperialism; consequently, they remain dependent on their western masters for financial aid, social uplift and economic development of their country. The entire situation is actually the outcome of the fabrication well-knitted by the colonialists for the sustenance of their influence over their ex colonies. Consequently, anarchy, chaos, disorder, corruption and extreme kind of financial and moral corruption could easily be witnessed in the former colonies of the big powers. Psychoanalysis Attributed to celebrated 20th century Austrian psychologist theorist Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis is an analytical method of exploring all that is consciously and unconsciously prevailing in the mind of the individual under-treatment or under-investigation. The method is unanimously accredited to Freud for inventing the same method and applying it on the patients suffering from different type of mental, emotional or psychological collapse. Freud is of the opinion that instead of one single factor, there appear many issues and reasons that regulate human behavior and determine various activities performed by the humans in one way or the other. Hence, instead of looking into the factors existing in the conscious, Freud pays more heed to human subconscious that plays pivotal role in the liking, disliking and priorities owned by the individuals while taking decisions regarding their actions, reactions and everyday behavior at large. (Pervin, 1995) Freud is of the opinion that most of the personality traits have been developed in early years of childhood, as these childhood memories become an essential and inevitable part of the individuals’ subconscious. Being the store-house of memories, preferences and priorities, individuals cannot escape from these memories even in their grown years and thus remain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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