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Research Topics with Explanations - Assignment Example

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The Transport Safety Authority carries out extensive surveillance on the roads with the view to observing the patterns of road accidents…
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Extract of sample "Research Topics with Explanations"

Research topic with explanations Topic Should regulations regarding the use of cell phones while driving be standardized?
safety is a vital social and legal feature in the United States with the use of cell phones being one of the major causes of road accidents. The Transport Safety Authority carries out extensive surveillance on the roads with the view to observing the patterns of road accidents and key among their findings is the relationship between the uses of mobile phones while using the roads (Kiesbye, 2012). Both drivers and pedestrians have proportionate blame in this case. Mobile phones require adequate attention and so does the roads. The conflict for the attention of a road user thus contributes to the rise in road accidents. Furthermore, the existence of various regulations regarding the use of cell phones especially while driving in the various states in the country is a major cause of confusion. As such, the research investigates the nature of the regulations in various states and analyzing the effects of such disparities. The audience for the research will include road users and legislators who make laws in the country. The research argues that standardizing the regulations will enhance uniformity thereby improving road safety (Sturnquist, 2006).
Topic 2: Should children of parents who do not allow them to be vaccinated be allowed to attend public school?
The outbreak of measles in numerous states within the United States has been a major source of concern for both parents and legislators. The refusal by most parents to take their children for vaccination further heightens the safety concern especially in such public places as schools among any others (Link, 2005). The research investigates the most probable ways of encouraging and compelling parents to take their children for the vaccination (Wells, 1984). The audiences for the research are school administrators, parents and legislators among many other interested parties (Levine, 1997). The research argues that the government should adopt a radical measure such as banning unvaccinated pupils from attending public schools.
Topic 3: Should the U.S. Government prohibit companies from outsourcing jobs to people in foreign countries that do not have unions and / or fair labor laws?
The United States is the leading democracy and economy globally. Additionally, the country is a leading champion for the improvement of the treatment of such vulnerable groups as children, women and the LGBT community. As such, the country has a role to play in encouraging the adoption of fair labor laws globally (Jackson & Management Information Service, 1985). The adoption of fair labor laws is the surest way of enhancing the economic freedom of such communities. Such laws protect employees thereby creating a conducive environment for the employees to work and enhance their productivity. The research investigates the appropriate ways for the American government to encourage other countries to permit the formation of unions and the adoption of fair labor relations (Yates, 2009). The audiences for the research include legislators and investors. In investigating the role of the United States in the improvement of fair labor relations, the research argues that the should prohibit American companies from outsourcing jobs to people in any foreign country that does not have unions and fair labor laws.
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