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Asks you to research and write up a case study. You must demonstrate relevant academic research and consult your seminar or modu - Essay Example

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Media Effects and Moral Panics Introduction: The media violence cases have increased manifold these days. These cases have severely affected the moral standards of the society at large. The growing importance of media is undeniable these days. The media has brought the world at the fingertips…
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Asks you to research and write up a case study. You must demonstrate relevant academic research and consult your seminar or modu
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Extract of sample "Asks you to research and write up a case study. You must demonstrate relevant academic research and consult your seminar or modu"

Download file to see previous pages Although the media has helped a lot in connecting the entire globe, there are also huge instances of media violence, which is crippling the entire nation and thus creating moral panics. Going by the social cognitive theory, which takes into account behavioral factors, personal and environmental influences on young minds. The effect of media falls under the non-endogenous environmental factors, which essentially work through observational pattern of learning. Personal factors include one’s wishes and understanding of the self, beliefs and motivations while behavioral factors comprise of the actions of an individual acquired from previous interactions. These three aspects interact with one another with the help of an occurrence called reciprocal determinism (Kirsh, 2009, p.34). In topical times, the different forms of entertainment and media including video games and the Internet render sufficient opportunities to the young population for gaining knowledge through observation. Moreover there are instances about the effects that are being summoned upon the children and adults for high aggression and aggressive modes of behavior when they are exposed to violent senses and images. The main idea in this paper is to portray the way in which “violence” and aggressions are portrayed by the media and the harmful impact it has on the young population in the form of “moral panic”, a term coined by Stanley Cohen (Banks, 2004, p. 173). This issue of moral panic arises when the observational learning experience of the young population becomes a threat to the social ethics and well-being. The major issue is the representation of real violence and necessary conflation with regards to the T.V, the film or video games and any other activity, which is designated to be real violent or aggressive. (Andersen, 2008, pp.549-550) Case study: There have been instances of regular killing and murder cases considering mainly the white skinned young females, which has generated sensation in the media world and has created kneejerk legislation. However the case of abduction by the strangers is decreasing but the danger which is getting more pronounced for the children is the abduction of children by the family members who take part in major perpetration, kidnapping and abuse. The UK press has initiated a mass campaigning in the name ‘campaign against paedos’ after the case of the murder of Sarah Pyne who was aged only 8 years in July 2000. Sarah Pyne a very young white skinned girl was kidnapped and then was brutally murdered on 1/7/2000 by Roy Whiting. The murderer was immediately tried and condemned in the court. The kidnap took place from the fields in Kingston Gorse near Littlehampton in the Western part of Sussex where the little girl had been playing. The sudden disappearance of Sarah created a huge ripple in the area and led to massive search being conducted by the police and this has generated enough media interest and attention. Later on, her body was found near Pulborough in a field, which was about 20 miles away from Kingston Gorse on 17th of July. The person Roy Whiting had been the major suspect for the police from the beginning but lack of evidence against him was creating a great impediment for the police to sue the murderer. But later on after the discovery of Sarah’s dress at Goose Green crossroads near Coolham, essential forensic investigations were conducted, which helped the police to charge the person and he was sentenced to lifetime ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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