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Of course, in presentations, should not put all the contents of the paper in the presentation slides. However, even if I have identified the parts of the paper that I want to present during the conference, I have realized that it is hard to fit everything in the slides. …
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Reflective evaluation
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Of in presentations, should not put all the contents of the paper in the presentation slides. However, even if I have identified the parts of the paper that I want to present during the conference, I have realized that it is hard to fit everything in the slides. There are quite a number of occasions when I wanted to tell more to drive a point across, but the time allotment is not enough to allow me to do that. Another problem that rose from this is knowing what to include or omit in the presentation slides. I had to use other means of presenting data. For this particular report, I used tables extensively to give the results of my literature review and interview. However, pictures, charts and graphs are also commonly used in compressing many messages in a smaller space. However, it is better to have a lot to omit than having less to include. As I look back to how I prepared for and delivered this presentation, I now realize that it is better to come overprepared. It gives me added boost of confidence in the delivery of the report, as well as in answering questions from the members of the audience. Whenever presentations are to be given, research is vital. Acquiring sufficient knowledge is required to be able to discuss the points adequately. However, sufficiency of information does not only depend on quantity, but also on their quality. This means that the information should come from reliable sources, which are experts in the field in question. In this particular presentation, I felt that I have researched many and various journal articles to sufficiently support the points that I want to drive at. I also used peer-reviewed journal articles as references for this report. On the other hand, additional research is beneficial, especially when the audience is composed of experts of the subject. Questions from the audience are to be expected and should likewise be prepared for. Moreover, not only should the information be enough, it should be updated. Conferences are held so that guests are informed of the latest events in the field. It is thus useless if presentations bring information that are already known by the audience. To demonstrate, in my report on coping with nervousness and anxiety of teaching, I used journal articles that are as young as 2010 and as old as 2003. Thus, when I delivered the report, I was confident that the information that I was providing the audience were up to date. Next to collating information for the presentation, the next problem that lies ahead is how to fix the flow of presentation. The organization of presentation is important because the sequential flow of thought helps the audience understand many concepts that are somehow weaved into a network all pointing to answering the research question of the study. Whenever a research is presented, especially in a formal venue such as a conference, it is important to indicate the significance of the study, the objectives, and the research question, in this same particular order. To demonstrate the importance of flow of presentation in the understanding of the report, I will use my own report. I think that the flow through which I conducted and subsequently presented my method helped in the understanding of my report by the audience. I think it helped that I tried teaching first, so that I knew that the nervousness and anxiety in teaching really does exist. Then, the literature review was vital so that I can get the experts’ opinions on the causes and effects of teaching-related anxiety and nervousness, as well as suggestions regarding the means of coping to these feelings, right away. Finally, testing the validity of these opinions and suggestions were done by interviewing four teachers. Aside from preparing well for the report by researching, the presenter should also find means of sparking the interest of the audience to the topic he or she will discuss. As any presenter would testify to, a monotonous, text-full presentation will only bore the audience. Even if the topic is interesting, if the presentation is boring, then the message of the report will not be delivered across. There are many ways to make the report interesting. The use of audio or video clips, which the audience are quite familiar with, and which are related to the topic being discussed, will sure spark interest among the audience. It also sends a message that this topic has some relevance or relation to their lives. This will make them realize that it is important for them to listen. The final step in preparing for a presentation is practice. This is a very important step because it will ensure that the whole report is within the time limit, which exists in almost all conferences. However, practice is usually overlooked at probably because 1) there is not enough time allotted to do it, or 2) the reporter trusts his or her speaking ability so much. However, no matter how good one delivers a speech, having a practice run or two will definitely a plus when one finally reports in front of the conference. Read More
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