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Prison system in America - Essay Example

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Prisons in the U.S. suffer from severe problems associated with violence, poor sanitation, over-crowding, sexual assault and drugs. It has been stated by several persons over many years that imprisonment is ineffective and expensive…
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Prison system in America
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Prison system in America

Download file to see previous pages... Arguments against imprisonment include the idea that prison is not being used as a last resort to deter criminal behavior, housing prisoners is expensive, imprisonment doesn’t deter crime and it is cruel and inhumane. Despite statistics that confirm these contentions, imprisonment has experienced a growing attraction as a political response to crime. An increased prison population and its inherent human and financial costs have little effect on the attitudes of some. Despite the obvious and extensive failures of our penitentiary system, more people are being sent to prison for more reasons primarily as a result of tougher sentencing laws specifically involving the ‘war on drugs.’ Over the past quarter century, the U.S. has added to its prison population and therefore to its social problems. Anyone who has seen a prison movie likely has witnessed the stereotypical ‘shower scene’ where gang members viciously attack a lone inmate. They put a knife tightly against the victim’s throat and threaten to kill him if he puts up a fight. The lone inmate is then repeatedly raped by the gang and afterwards is too frightened to notify prison officials fearing retribution. This Hollywood recreation is not unlike the actual events taking place inside prison walls. Being brutally raped in prison is not simply a physical violation; it is an emotionally scarring event. According to the Human Rights Watch, this and other forms of gang-related violence occur regularly in prisons across the country. “Gang assaults are not uncommon, and victims may be left beaten, bloody and, in the most extreme cases, dead” (“No Escape”). However, violent and blatant rapes are but one type of sexual abuse many prisoners must endure. The most prevalent form of rape does not occur by means of violence nor have many of the victims been overtly threatened. Nevertheless, they engage in sex acts unwillingly because they do not believe they have a choice. Prison is an intimidating place. Prisoners, especially those new to the system can be easily coerced into doing things such as allowing themselves to be raped or committing violent acts against others out of fear. This type of prison rape is easier to conceal than violent attacks and much easier for prison staff and the general public to ignore. “For some prisoners, the atmosphere of fear and intimidation is so overwhelming that they acquiesce in their sexual exploitation without putting up any obvious resistance” (“No Escape,” 2006). The intimidation begins early and forcefully. According to the account of a first-time offender arriving in prison, “as soon as I walked on the wing, the catcalls started.” According to another prisoner, “Most of prison is a mind game. People get taken advantage of when they’re green and don’t know what to expect” (“No Escape,” 2006). Prison is described by its detractors as inhumane, a brutalizing and damaging experience. The prevalent imprisonment trend invokes a high human cost to those who caused no harm to another individual or property. The war on drugs is policy based on morals, not on public health, and is taking a grave toll on the economics and civil liberties of our society. Crime is on the rise overcrowding the prison system while inner cities are becoming unlivable decreasing chances for the economic revival in those areas, all as a consequence of a misguided war on drugs to prevent the misuse of drugs. These governmental drug programs have had very little if any reduction in the use of drugs but a great many innocent victims have had their lives ruined. “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American prison system
American prison system. The American prison system History. While United States of America has the largest corrections system in the world, the history of its prisons and jails goes back to the British prison system. However, the corporal punishment was largely absent in the old correction system and “bridewells”, as prisons in UK were called during 18th century.
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How would you reduce cost and overcrowding while maintaining a system of justice Take into account faith-based prison ministrie
The growing business of prison management has been heavy on the public interest financially. Thus, there is need to cut down the cost and overcrowding in the prisons along with maintaining the system of justice. Overcrowding can be reduced by addressing the issue that is responsible for so many people going into and remaining in the prison every year.
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The Prison System
At year-end 2009, it reported that there were 743 incarcerated per 100,000 population. In 2009, over 7.2 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at yearend. This comprised about 3.1% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 32 adults.
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Religion and Prison System
The prisons in the American society have become a vital institution. It has integrated itself with the cultural, economic and political sphere of the United States of America (USA). During the period of 1976 to 2000, the USA was engaged in building a new prison every week on average that eventually resulted in a significant rise in the number of imprisonment (Franklin).
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Prison system health care
More than half of all prisoners have mental health problem at least once in their life in jail. People with serious acute mental illness should be first send to the mental health services before entering the prison. The prisoners with very serious mental disease should be immediately transferred to a psychiatric care unit.
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Education In the US Prison System
There are over nine million people imprisoned worldwide, with the United States being the overtly obvious leader in prison population with at least two million people imprisoned solely in their country alone. With such a vast amount of society being locked up behind bars for years of their lives, the question of a thing such as state of education in the prison system must be automatically brought to attention.
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Although prison should not be a place that someone would want to go too, neither should it be one making up an environment that is almost uninhabitable by humans if in fact any form of humane treatment is going to be considered. Prison is ultimately used as a last resort, especially in Japan and other foreign nations. It is the goal of this research to bring evidence that prison actually does work to decrease crime in any culture.
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It has aided in producing results that has influenced the convicts and the people who place the convicts behind the bar, it also helps in resolving the ground on which the lawyers and judges think when
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This case study brought to the fore the manipulative and selfish methods used by politicians to persuade matters in their favor. When the state capitol of Boise was selected as a potential site for the new prison, state legislative delegation from Pocatello reminded Boise’s Governor, Cecil Andrus about his dependence on Pocatello for votes and support.
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The Pocatello Prison Siting Story
It is universally known that offenders are put into prison to deter them from more criminal activities. Other arguments state that prisoners, after getting released from prison, are often prone towards
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