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Question 1: How have I experienced Kierkegaard's three stages: aesthetic, ethical, and religious Question 2: What is authentici - Essay Example

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Kirkegaard Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 20 May 2011 Julia Watkin (52) emphasized Kierkegaard's three stages (aesthetic, ethical, and religious) are very important in a person’s continuing earthly sojourn…
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Question 1: How have I experienced Kierkegaards three stages: aesthetic, ethical, and religious Question 2: What is authentici
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Extract of sample "Question 1: How have I experienced Kierkegaard's three stages: aesthetic, ethical, and religious Question 2: What is authentici"

Download file to see previous pages The individual’s activity is grounded on philosophical influences. How have I experienced Kierkegaard's three stages: aesthetic, ethical, and religious? The researcher continues to experience Kierkegaard’s three stages. Kierkegaard emphasized there are three different exclusive spheres of a person’s existence. Kierkegaard believes that life traverses from the aesthetic stage to the ethics stage and finally to religious stage. The last stage is considered to be the highest of the three stages. In terms of aesthetics, the person lives to satisfy one’s personal interests. A womanizer is a person who feels he has the right to have sex with every woman he wants to. The person feels that he can sleep the whole day because he or she wants to enjoy watching television shows for the whole day. A worst case scenario would occur when a person feels he or she has the freedom to literally gun down a group of students inside a classroom under the theory that aesthetics stages allows a person to do what one prefers to do. Under this stage, the person is not interested in what other people are stating. In terms of ethical, the person places the interest of society over one’s own needs, wants, and caprices. In the example above, the person will refrain from implementing one’s plan to kill the students inside a classroom session. ...
The ethics-based person focuses on serving a bigger cause, complying with the ethics policies of the group where the person is a member. Once a person is married, the person will have to move in such as way as to protect the spouse, make the children’s life more comfortable, and work in order to buy food. Likewise, the married spouse will be able to muster more than enough energy to work an average of eight hours in a day to have money to buy food for the family. The money gained from the person’s long hours of work perseverance will be used to pay for the electricity, water, and telephone charges occurred within one month. In terms of the highest stage, the religious stage, the person catapults into the last stage of the person’s life activity. Here, the person focuses on going to church series. The person dedicates one’s entire life to pleasing God. To please God, the person goes to church every Sunday to listen and implement the church leader’s pulpit-generated instructions. Under this stage, the person is eager to sacrifice one’s ethical and aesthetics advantages. The aesthetic stage and the ethical stages are being superseded by the religious stage. The religious stage person is primarily concerned with living to make God happy. God will be happy if the person complies with all the religious policies set forth within the religious denomination. For example, most religious organizations have their one set of religious policies. The Jews have a different religious teaching when compared to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the fundamental churches as well as the Muslim churches. 2: "What is authenticity?" Clare Carlisle (22) reiterated authenticity is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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