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Date: 22/05/2011 Ref.: Circular No. (HR/10/2011) To: All Staff Members The Dress Code for ABC Institute: Most of you know that ABC Institute has been working very hard for the last ten years, when it was introduced in the market by the founder, Sheikh Abdullah…
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Dress code
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Download file to see previous pages In order to achieve this, we do require you to gain full understanding of the management’s expectations from you so that you may act accordingly. Although most of you are aware of the standards maintained by ABC Institute, yet a lot of new employees have been recruited recently and the management wants to once and for all, make clear the dress code that they are obliged to follow as a requirement of their contract with the ABC Institute. Old employees should review the memo to find slight additions that have been made to the last dress code policy. Being Muslim, our standards for dress are derived from the teachings of Islam. Modesty is the principle determinant of the eligibility of dress for both men and women in the institute. Dress code for men: Dress pants (jeans are not allowed), collared shirts with full sleeves, tie, and boots (sandals are not allowed). Jersey can be worn as per the need. Dress code for women: Trousers (jeans are not allowed), knee long skirts (can be longer but not any shorter), full sleeved blouses till waist (can be longer but not any shorter), boots (sandals are not allowed), and scarf (compulsory). Half sleeved blouses can be worn by the female staff members provided that the sleeve covers the elbow. T-shirts are disallowed! Knee length skirts should cover the knees in all positions i.e. sitting and standing. It is advisable to wear a knee length skirt with full sleeved or three-quarters sleeved blouse, and a full length skirt with a half sleeved blouse. Full length trousers are to be worn in either case! ABC Institute Code of Behavior: All staff members are expected to completely comply with the ABC Institute Code of Behavior. Staff members are obliged to: Display professionalism always while representing the ABC Institute Serve as a role model for others by always showing perfect mannerism Respect the religious as well as traditional beliefs of all communities in UAE Follow the ABC Institute Dress Code at all times All members of the staff should be aware of the fact that ABC Institute provides the public with full time customer service. The service continues 24 / 7 uninterruptedly. That essentially tells that many of the staff members have to work in the night shift. They are advised to adjust their schedule accordingly so that they are able to deliver their best in the night. ABC Institute requires its staff members to present themselves to the public in a getup that is expected of them in context of the Islamic teachings and the indigenous culture of UAE which accords with them. UAE maintains a multicultural society, and people from all over the world dwell here. The staff members, should never, in any way, comment on the getup of any customer. ABC Institute’s workforce is expected to always display excellent mannerism, which essentially constitutes all three areas of language, behavior and dress. Upon recruitment, all staff members are made aware of what the management expects them to display with respect to each of the three areas of mannerism. While we talk of language, it essentially includes body language in addition to the verbal language. ABC Institute expects every staff member to be very formal in both kinds of languages, and make excellent use of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Smoking is strictly prohibited both within the workplace. No staff member is allowed to use cigarettes or any other kind of drugs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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