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The Mexican revolution of the 1910s - Essay Example

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First and Last name Professor Course name and number 27 May 2011 The Mexican Revolution of the 1910’s To begin with, The Mexican Revolution of the 1910’s had witnessed a brutal dictatorship and this was the period in which lands have been confiscated from peasants…
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The Mexican revolution of the 1910s
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Download file to see previous pages Though much of The Mexican revolution of the 1910’s speaks about bringing down the President Porfirio Diaz from his power; the main idea behind it was to bring justice to the people who were longing for it and ensure proper distribution of wealth through a fight against the foreign imperialists. Though the youth tried to get into politics and begin a fresh phase of rule that would change lives of people to a better standard, they were not given this opportunity. The imperialism that prevailed in the people with power left people in silence though, they had an opinion to express and a wish to elect their leader. But the youth of Mexico however made it to the throne. They acquired the power after a long struggle from the hands of the imperialists and brought their people what they wanted, freedom. The people living in the borders of the Mexico and the United states have seen the worst phase of this revolution. The Mexican people resisted the control the U.S over these places and fought against them. This revolution saw blood of both the Nations. People even migrated from Mexico borders to keep away from this violence. This image shows a family trying to migrate from Mexico border that had seen violence in many forms. Initially it was the rule of the President Porfirio Diaz which weakened their minds and to add to their misery the imperialism by the U.S people left them to going away to safer places. Many of them migrated to California and some people to Los Angeles hoping the war would end in a few months but it didn’t and actually lasted a for years. "We were running away from the rebellion. . . . We came to the United States to wait out the conclusion of the Revolution. We thought it would be over in a few months."(Mexicans and Mexican-Americans). However the boundaries between the two nations (Mexico and The U.S) had been a controversy since ages and this has been the issue for the Mexican revolution of the 1910’s as well. Even today the boundary separation has its conflicts going on. Though attempts were made to pacify people on the boundaries of the Nations, they proved futile with the discrepancies the people had among the ownership of the lands. The period 1910-1920 has seen the worst phase with wars in many places. The Mexicans attacked the Anglos and their stores and railroads. The picture above shows the Mexican troops marching in Juarez, Mexico during the Mexican revolution in the 1910’s. This Mexican revolution of the 1910’s however would leave an impression on anybody who carefully studies and understands the history and the story behind the imperialistic foreigner’s strategy. I, feel that though there have been complaints about the then President of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, and his selfish rule that had concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a few, which rendered people of Mexico helpless and other issues pertaining to the rule of their government and confiscating lands from peasants, there had always been a bigger issue, the imperialistic foreigners who took away the power of people and controlled their lands. This issue certainly appealed to everybody who knew the history of the Mexican Revolution because the other problems the Mexicans had with their government and the peasants could be solved among them at some point in time and they were categorically domestic issues which needed just the attention of some people of the Nation. But the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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