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Norman Bowie Morality, Money, and Motor Cars and Joseph DesJardins Sustainability: Business's New Environmental Obligation - Essay Example

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According to Bowie, what moral obligation does business have to the environment? In any country, the government formulates and enforces environmental laws after considering a lot of factors and thorough research and analysis. Wherever laws are formulated, certain political agencies, particularly the opposition disapprove of the legislations and take actions to nullify them…
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Norman Bowie Morality, Money, and Motor Cars and Joseph DesJardins Sustainability: Businesss New Environmental Obligation
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Extract of sample "Norman Bowie Morality, Money, and Motor Cars and Joseph DesJardins Sustainability: Business's New Environmental Obligation"

Download file to see previous pages Why does Bowie claim that Procter and Gamble doesn't violate the avoid-harm criterion by making disposable diapers although disposable diapers damage the environment? It apparently seems that Bowie favors Proctor and Gamble and tends to defend it against the environmentalists’ claim that the disposable diapers it produces damage the environment, though Bowie justifies Proctor and Gamble’s position keeping in consideration the consumers’ demand. Bowie tends to compare the responsibility of a business towards environment to its responsibility towards the consumers. Business is done to make profits. This can not be achieved without respecting the consumers’ demand. Consumers have conventionally preferred disposable diapers over cloth diapers. Proctor and Gamble produces disposable diapers because of their high market value and popularity among the consumers. If it starts making cloth diapers instead, it would probably dissatisfy the consumers as well as reduce the profitability of business. In light of this point of view, Bowie asserts that instead of criticizing the activities and products of Proctor and Gamble, environmentalists should try to inculcate a sense among the consumers to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers because of the increased environment friendliness of the former as compared to the latter. What does it mean to say that business has no special obligation to the Environment? Bowie does agree that business has a special obligation to the environment, though he does not approve of the areas environmentalists conventionally consider the obligations in. “Environmentalists frequently argue that business has special obligations to protect the environment. Although I agree with the environmentalists on this point, I do not agree with them as to where the obligations lie” (Bowie 89). Bowie is of the view that the matter of obligation should be simplified, and the businessmen should be compelled to comply with the laws government has made with respect to environment. Bowie says that all incidents in which a certain business has been criticized for having caused a special harm to the environment have been the result of noncompliance with the laws of environment. If a company dumps waste at a prohibited location, it is considered a serious offense, whereas it is actually a clear violation of the environmental laws. Environmentalists unnecessarily complicate the matter. Government’s responsibility is to legislate. As long as a businessman complies with the legislations enforced in a certain region, there is no need for any special considerations in obligations. What are the three main features of sustainable business? According to (DesJardins), the three main features of sustainable business are as follows: 1. conversion of by-products into useful resources 2. Instead of on products, the focus should rather be on the services 3. Natural capital should be invested in Works Cited: Bowie, Norman. “Morality, Money, and Motor Cars.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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