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Name of of Professor 30 March 2011 Geoengineering, which is also called climate engineering, aims to deliberately manipulate the earth’s climate to reduce the effects of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions (Wikipedia). According to the National Academy of Sciences, geoengineering is defined as the “options that would involve large-scale engineering of the Earth’s environment in order to combat or counteract the effects of changes in atmospheric chemistry.” The surface of the earth becomes warm as it absorbs the sunlight…
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Download file to see previous pages Geoengineering technologies that aim to address this issue can be classified into three broad areas (ETC Group, 19-21): 1. Solar radiation management (SRM) technologies: These technologies aim to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases by increasing the radiation of sunlight back into space. Researchers and advocates have suggested various techniques like covering deserts with reflective sheets to deflect sunlight or blocking the sunlight with ‘space shades’. This technology is predicted to divert about 10% of sunlight away from the planet. Researchers have also suggested covering glaciers in the Arctic region with insulating material to reflect sunlight and prevent the melting of ice. Other techniques include painting roofs and road surfaces white so as to reflect the sunlight, using superfine reflective mesh of aluminum between the Earth and sun as ‘space mirrors’ and engineer large-scale changes in water movements in order to provoke cloud formation to reflect sunlight. These SRM technologies can however cause significant environmental damage, including releasing additional greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. ...
2. Carbon dioxide removal and sequestration: This technology aims to remove CO2 from the atmosphere after it has been released. It involves techniques like adding iron or nitrogen to ocean water to stimulate the growth of phytoplankton in an attempt to promote carbon sequestration in deep sea and developing carbon sucking machines to extract CO2 from the air in solid form so that it can be buried. Other techniques involve controlling the levels of atmospheric CO2 by spreading magnesium iron silicate on farmland or forestland and genetically engineering communities of synthetic microbes and algae to create new forms of carbon ‘sinks’. Implementation of these technologies that intervene in complex ecosystems can however cause unpredictable side effects. Again, the duration and safety of sequestration in land or sea are mostly unknown. Many of these techniques also require land/ocean use changes that can negatively affect the poor and marginalized people. 3. Weather modification: This technology does not address the causes or the mechanism of climate change, but aims only to alter its outcomes. This approach involves techniques like cloud seeding by using chemicals like silver iodide to precipitate rain or snow. This technique is already practiced on a large scale in the U.S. and China despite the skepticism about its effectiveness. Another technique attempts to prevent the formation of storms by redirecting or suppressing hurricanes. Since predicting the weather and proving the effectiveness of these interventions are difficult, these technologies may result in some unwelcome and unpredictable side effects. Attempts to produce rainfall in one location can be regarded as rainfall ‘theft’ by residents of another location, especially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...of worldwide atmospheric modeling techniques. A few geo-engineering techniques use processes that have parallel in normal occurrence such as stratospheric (the layer above troposphere) sulfur pressurized sprays. The area of geo-engineering is hence evolving, since there are barriers to actually predict the real outcomes therefore the application of geo-engineering should not be executed at wide level initially. Perhaps little experiments and gradual advancement should be focused in order to properly prosper for the global benefit instead of a wide activity that endangers life in earth. Bibliography Bengtsson, L. Geo-engineering to confine climate change: is it at all feasible? 2006. Caldeira, Balan Govindasamy and Ken....
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Analysis project

...of using solar geoengineering to help alleviate the side effects of global warming until the causes of global warming itself can be better understood and brought to an end. Solar geoengineering would “counteract the warming influence of greenhouse gases by diminishing the amount of sunlight absorbed by Earth” (Caldeira par. 3). This technology would slow down the effects of global warming and lower the temperature throughout the world, providing relief for the regions whose weather, and thus the ecosystem, has drastically changed as a result of a rise in temperature. Though the negative effects of solar geoengineering have yet to be fully explored, Caldeira’s models have shown that a...
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...of global warming. Geoengineering solutions, which are said to artificially remove 50 ppm of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, would cost a hefty amount of money. Directing said funds to reforestation would yield similar results. Our present age of industrialization has plunged our world into this environmental crisis and “the greatest danger is continued ignorance and denial, which would make tragic consequences unavoidable." (Sato & Karetcha as quoted by Krajik). Personal Thoughts The article presents a grim picture of our environment. Where before, our thoughts were in sparing the following generation of the effects of global warming, the article now points out that the devastating effects of global warming...
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...Geo-Engineering Geoengineering is the domain where only technical adversities are not dominant; along with it lots of other socio-economic as well as political and ethical issues dominate the entire picture. According to Scott Barrett, it is very difficult to levy any fixed parameter for the entire geoengineering technology and many nations would definitely be affected by it. The technology, according to Scott, also will add to acidification of the sea water resulting in the misbalance of ecological system. Under this circumstance, governance of the technology implemented in geoengineering becomes essential. According to Barett, the greatest danger is not the the technology but the way of...
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...), Robock (2008), Royal Society (2009), and Nordhaus (2008), which were all significant publications concerning this topic of climate change. All this books which the article referenced gave revealing arguments against climate engineering/geoengineering and the authors made them clearly, movingly, persuasively, and without typos, unlike McClellan, Keith & Apt (2012). This article fails to make the point that a majority of geoengineerings vocal supporters only have a financial concern in the field. There is tons of cash to be made in this field if the idea of geoengineering finally takes off. McClellan, Keith & Apt (2012) fail to acknowledge they indeed do have such a financial concern in...
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Aerosol-Cloud InteractionsA Piece of the Climate Puzzle the question and answer, there was also part of cloud seeding and geoengineering. In addition, there was a question whether there are ways that may be used in relation to clouds that could cause cooling. The result that was got was that this is an issue of geoengineering, which was found to be controversial and under debate, as well. What will occur on a larger scale if the humans continue to try to change the climate? Because humans do not fully understand the climate system, they cannot precisely predict the outcome of what happens to nature. Even when the intentions might be good and noble, there might be unintended consequences to face. Quite too many indices have been seen in history. There are...
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Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the application of LED bulbs for solving climate change

...and climate modification: Three cycles of promise and hype. Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, 37(1), 3-25. Galaz, V. (2012) Geo-engineering, Governance, and Social-Ecological Systems: Critical Issues and Joint Research Needs. Ecology & Society, 17(1). Gibbins, J., & Chalmers, H. (2008) Carbon capture and storage. Energy Policy, 36(12), 4317-4322. Jaffe, A. B., Newell, R. G., & Stavins, R. N. (2005) A tale of two market failures: Technology and environmental policy. Ecological Economics, 54(2), 164-174. Held, D, Fane-Hervey, A and Theros, M (2011) The Governance of Climate Change – Science, Politics and Ethics: Cambridge, Polity Press Hale, B., & Dilling, L. (2011) Geoengineering, ocean...
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...amount of investment will be needed to develop mass scale versions of these energy sources. Emerging technologies deal with nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, fission-fusion hybrids, development of super conducting global electric grids, geoengineering, and hydrogen production. All these technologies are in the experimental phases; however, it is more likely that a drastic new technology will be able to provide innovative solutions to the arising global warming problem. However, again investment into the initial research is the biggest concern. 2. Decarbonization and Sequestration: Value and Purpose One method of restricting the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere is to leach out the CO2 from the fuels reducing the...
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ReadGreenHouse Effect by Thomas C Schelling. Consider the livelihoods of citizens in developing nations. In a 300 hundred word response,give examples of what kinds of changes developing countries could make to reduce the impact of global warmi

...the greenhouse effect. He also suggests that using geoengineering technologies to put substances or objects in orbit to reflect sunlight can also help reducing the greenhouse effect. Moreover, Schelling suggests that energy conservation and efficiency can also help these developing countries. By using low carbon fuels and by taking measures like imposing Carbon tax and negotiating trade permits etc. can help to control greenhouse effect. Also these countries can follow plans and models like the Marshall plan etc. to help reduce this effect in collaboration with each other. They can fix deadlines in coming years to reduce carbon dioxide and CFCs emission to certain ratios. The above mentioned measures are suggested to...
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Comments and Feedback about Sustainability Blog Posts

..., not every proposal lacks opposition. Opponents have been citing a host of problems associated with climate engineering. They concur that these technologies are not practical despite having promising advantages. It would be advantageous if the opponents were citing mitigating factors that will prevent the uncertainties from occurring. Adverse effects of climate change have begun afflicting the earth. Geoengineering should not be taken as the sole mitigating plan rather it should be one of the solution. Governments should be committed in setting aside funds that will facilitate chemical engineering.... Comment Global warming has been happening at an unprecedented rate yet there has been little consensus on how to deal with the menace....
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