Critically evaluatThe key challenge facing HR Managers in the 21st century is to facilitate management of culture within organiz - Essay Example

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Critically Evaluate the Key Challenge Facing HR Managers in the 21st Century is to Facilitate Management of Culture within Organizations so as to Cope with Uncertainties, Regarding Employee Performance Management, Created by Emergence of Post bureaucracies…
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Critically evaluatThe key challenge facing HR Managers in the 21st century is to facilitate management of culture within organiz
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluatThe key challenge facing HR Managers in the 21st century is to facilitate management of culture within organiz"

Download file to see previous pages Proceeding from this, it is necessary to find a fundamentally new approach to priorities. The most important factor within any organization is its employees, and consumers -outside it. There is a strong need to turn the consciousness of workers towards the consumer, but not towards their supervisors, towards profit, but not wastage; towards the initiative, but not the indiscriminate fulfillment. It is necessary to make a way to social norms, based on sound economic sense, and do not forget about morality. The modern concept of development of production lies in the fact that the maximum productivity, quality and competitiveness can be achieved only by means of personal involvement of every employee; such strategy can stimulate each employee to improve the production process at their workplace first, and at the enterprise as a whole in the future. Involving staff in the process of production improvement makes a creative atmosphere and becomes a powerful motivator for staff to work that allows each employee to reveal their experience and creative ability. The central element underpinning the management is the professional nature of modern organizational management in economy of market. The term “manager” implies professional governors hired (Bach, 2005). In fact, it is a kind of social stratum, which plays a prominent role in society. What is the professional human resource manager? Since corporate culture generates the responsibility and the ability of people - a competitive advantage, the personnel manager has the following strategic objectives, which must be addressed. Nowadays, first of all, HR manager should possess some special knowledge and skills in the field of production and management, ability to work with people in different spheres of activity. Managers’ activity (regardless of rank and scope) is focused on finding and managing resources, ensuring effective and sustainable development of the organization, taking into account the long-term perspectives. It is important to creating competitive advantages through increased level of responsibility of personnel, using the means associated with the management of corporate culture. High corporate culture is able to attract and retain staff, establish the company's reputation, attract high- skilled workers and consumers, as well (Jaffee, 2001). Desire to update and adapt corporate culture to the changing conditions of the environment requires the provision of mutual respect between consumers and employees, continuous improvement of working conditions of staff. Employees’ involvement in various activities, related to marketing, contributes to their self-esteem (especially professional), the development of personal initiative, improve personal effectiveness. HR-service, along with other business units, should perform a variety of functions - from providing basic operations to strategic planning to succeed. However, many specialists in human resources management commit common mistakes - they tend to focus their attention either on strategic components of management exclusively or on tactical, while it is important to balance the strategic and tactical actions (Jaffee, 2001). One of the main strategies of the HR manager is providing a competitive advantage over other companies, with the help of diligent capacity building, promoting the growth of the employees' competence in the professional sphere. Nowadays the activity of HR-managers can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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