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Name 20 May 2011 What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Analysis Paper Written by Raymond Carver, ‘What We Talk About When We Talk About Love’ is a short story about two couples, Mel and Terri and Laura and Nick. The narrative takes place in the form of a conversation with respect to the lives of the four people seated at a table, having a conversation about what love is…
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Download file to see previous pages It talks about the simple things in life that almost every second person goes through; difficult relationships and how to deal with people with regard to the emotion of love; and how the feeling may be fleeting for some and concrete for others. All of this has been done through simple dialogues exchanged between the four protagonists of the story. The author has made use of lyrical dialogues and phrases in order to provide the written script with a sense of harmony so that it becomes light on part of the reader to understand and read. He has made use of everyday dialogues that people exchange with each other and put them in a very poetic way so that it appeals to the mind of the reader. (Carver, Raymond) This short story is also very indicative of a ‘slice of life’ because it is a mere example out of everyday life that most people go through. The story is also set in a very mundane and everyday kind of lifestyle, with four people sitting around a table sharing a bottle of gin and having a vibrant conversation about their feelings and thoughts. ...
He also sustains a desire to murder his ex wife. Nick on the other hand is more of a silent observer as he narrates the surroundings and background about everything to the reader from time to time. He makes use of his movements in order to depict what he wants to say. He happens to know a little about love and admits his undying love for his wife. Terri mostly talks about her crazy ex Ed as she narrates how he wanted to kill her because he loved her ‘too much’. Laura is a soft spoken woman who throughout the course of the story, shows in actions of soft touches and expressions, how much she loves Nick. ("Primary Sources: “Beginners,) The story is also full of a number of symbols and themes. For example, during the beginning of the story, Nick talks about the brightness in the kitchen and the same compares to their conversation – light and full of life. However, as it continues into the afternoon and evening, their talks about love become complicated as the four begin to traverse on the darker and more confounding portions of their lives and the emotion. In comparison, the sun, which was the symbol being used here, has now faded into darkness representing or depicting the kind of loss of clarity that love has, and the how the four have failed to nail what it actually refers to. The four main characters in the story also share a large amount of gin while talking about their lives and feelings with each other. This is yet another symbol as the intoxication that they gradually face because of all the alcohol consumed makes them slurry in their thoughts and also makes them more confused with regard to the concept of love. Drinking more and more makes them incoherent in their speech and soon enough, the conversation comes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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