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This paper reflects the role of media in globalization of youth culture. Youth are very much embedded in the global youth culture which seriously harm the local culture and led to disvalue the index of local culture. …
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Youth and the media
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Download file to see previous pages Media plays a vital role to build the mind setup of the youth. There are many negative aspects of media on thinking and behavior of youth which led to the social crimes. Most of youths are influenced by the unnatural events and happenings projected in media which paved the youth away from the real life. Music, style of clothing and life styles are the common traits youth adopt from the media. With increasing crimes rates by the youth there is need to bring quality, supervised and literate media content. Relation between Youth and the media Circuit of culture and youth identity In the area of cultural the most commonly used theory is the circuit of culture. According to this theory, while studying a cultural text or artifact, five aspects are commonly taken under considerations that are: its representation, identity, production, consumption and regulation. This theory was designed by a group of theorist in 1997 when studying the walkman cassette player. In the beginning of 1955, the rock n roll has got the commercial prominence. The common concept about rock n roll is that it is the music of fantastic and freakish performers, amplified guitars and aggressive lyrics. It is the collision of African-American R&B (rhythm and blues) and white country music. These musical styles were eagerly received by the teenagers. A Latin industry claimed that the music had only become controversial because "the [white] pop kids started buying the R&B disks and playing them at home" (Martin and Segrave, p.17). Rock n roll replaced the sub cultures like the English mods and skinheads and the French yeh yehs to the prominent and raising sounds of Jamaican reggae, South African mbaqanga, Balkan turbo folk and Algerian rai. Style of clothing and music, language and behavior are so closely associated with it. It provided adolescents for a common sense of identity. Various youth behaviors are associated with the rock n roll. This music has evolved with every decade. In every decade youth's trend towards rock n roll arises. The youth culture is categorized as: The silent generation: this generation has the experience of harsh realities of war and weak economy. The laid down the way for civil rights and rock n roll. Baby boom generation: this generation enjoyed the most idyllic images of American family life. As they grew up the idealism paved the way for materialism. Generation X: this generation grew up with uncontrolled and abundant rate of divorce, irresponsible behavior for career and jobs, electric rise in street crimes and unsupervised afternoons. They are responsible for hip-hop explosion. Generation Y/Millennial: this generation never experienced their so good and bad at the same time. Child welfare back up the national agenda from vaccination to childcare but at the same time school violence and trends towards drugs are also remarkable raised. Youth are referred as post- adolescent and pre-adult generation. The young people between the age of 15 and 24 are considered as the primary engine for the global media growth. In fact, youth are the most technology and media literate group of their societies. The involvement of youth in new media technology results in the industrialism and mass produced culture and sky rocketing raise in economy. Youth are being empowered by new cultural opportunities. Youth culture cannot be separated from political economy. After Second World War the youth the current generation is often described as the most oppressed. It has been the tough decade for the youth. The youth culture commonly includes language, music and dress styling. These all are in varying combination to establish an identity. All three aspects have its own importance in youth identity. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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