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Discuss The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, War Horse and Coram Boy as historical fictions: Thesis Statement: These historical ficti - Essay Example

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THE WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE, WAR HORSE AND CORAM BOY AS HISTORICAL FICTIONS It has aptly been stated that a refined piece of literature not only serves as the true representative of the era in which it as been created, but also slightly alludes to the historical political, social, economic or cultural events related to the country about which the literature is being created…
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Discuss The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, War Horse and Coram Boy as historical fictions: Thesis Statement: These historical ficti
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Extract of sample "Discuss The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, War Horse and Coram Boy as historical fictions: Thesis Statement: These historical ficti"

Download file to see previous pages The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a children’s fictional story created by illustrious twentieth century English novelist Joan Aiken. Written within the historical perspective, the author narrates how the wolves had migrated from the freezing zones of north Europe to England during King James III era in search of warmer place on the one hand, and for the pursuit of food and shelter on the other. The wolves, during those days, used to attack on the populated areas of London and the suburbs, and had put the lives of the British people at grave jeopardy. Eventually, the royalty issued the decree for combating with the nuisance with an iron hand in order to save the precious lives from becoming the victim of the wolves’ hunt. Subsequent to the royal edict, the law enforcing agencies came into action and dealt with the wolves with an iron hand, and either killed them by shooting or threw them in the zoo. Thus, the British had a sigh of relief and they again got busy in performing their everyday activities. The same state of affairs has symbolically been narrated by Aiken by replacing wolves with the humans containing the same cruel nature and intention of hurting and harming others for their personal benefits and comforts. The story of the play revolves round the two protagonist characters i.e. the naughty, jovial, enthusiastic and harsh Bonnie and the timid, gentle, sweet and complying Sylvia. Both the girls are first cousins, and thus blood relation, which had to undergo quite unpleasant and untoward state of affairs because of the deceit they experience from their opportunist and selfish guardian Mrs. Slighcarp. “The story is set at Willoughby Chase, the grand home of Lord Willoughby and Lady Green and their daughter Bonnie. Due to Lady Green's wasting illness, Bonnie's parents are taking a holiday in warmer climates and leaving her in the care of the Lord's newly-arrived distant cousin Letitia Slighcarp.” The story, in a highly symbolic manner, narrates throughout the human psychology, motivations, percussions and reservations man undergoes because of his/her age group, gender and family background. Since Sylvia is orphan, and hence has been deprived of the filial love, affection and sense of security, the concept of the presence and possible attacks made by the wandering wolves on the stopping trains frightens her to a great extent. As a result, she appears to be reluctant to travel to Willoughby Chase to see her uncle and aunt. Thus, the author, in a delicate mode, points out the fears and anxieties the orphans unconsciously experience while entering into interaction with their social phenomena. While throwing light on Bonnie’s character, the author has portrayed her as a bouncing, burlesque, confident, bold and courageous girl. These qualities are not only partly inherited ones, but also the children belonging to affluent and prosperous families and being brought up under the supervision of affectionate parents and a group of attendants and servants develop the same level of confidence in their personality. Thus, the author has also thrown light in the very truth that nature decides and determines the personality and fate of the humans, and regulates the same by playing decisive role in their destiny. Not only this that the girls act, react and behave while dealing different situations at home, but also their prominent ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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