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Organisation Behaviour - Essay Example

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The Joint Commission as a Machine and an Organism Quality control is something that most products and services need in order to sustain its good standing with their consumers/ customers. With health services, the most prestigious organization that provides health institutions with the most desired nod of approval is the Joint Commission…
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Organisation Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages It has an international division, the Joint Commission International (JCI), which works with health care organizations in over 80 countries worldwide since 1994 (Joint Commission Resources Inc., 2009). These include hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, clinical laboratories, care continuum services, medical transport organizations, and primary care services, as well as certification for disease or condition specific care (Joint Commission Website, 2011). Being accredited and certified by the Joint Commission is recognized as a symbol of the highest quality that reflects on a health care organization’s commitment to meeting the most discriminating performance standards. The Joint Commission’s mission is to “continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations” (Joint Commission website, 2011). The Joint Commission provides the premium standards that health care institutions must comply with to ensure that patients are provided the utmost quality of care they deserve. Upon successfully passing the accreditation requirements, the health care organization earns the symbol of quality that reflects the organization’s commitment to excellence – the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. ...
It has been established to seek patient safety solutions (Joint Commission Resources, Inc., 2009). Metaphorical Analysis of Joint Commission Morgan (1997a) has conceptualized a way to analyse organizations with metaphors. This concept is aligned with the theories of Lakoff & Johnson (1980) as they explain: In all aspects of life ... we define our reality in terms of metaphors and then proceed to act on the basis of the metaphors. We draw inferences, set goals, make commitments, and execute plans, all on the basis of how we in part structure our experience, consciously and unconsciously, by means of metaphor (p. 158). The metaphors Morgan has chosen are machines, organisms, brains, cultures, political systems, psychic prisons, flux and transformation and instruments of domination. According to him, multiple perspectives are produced when organizations are analysed using more than one metaphor since a single metaphor will not be able to provide a holistic picture of the organization. For this essay, the writer has selected machines and organisms to analyse the organization of the Joint Commission. The functions of the organization are very much likened to a machine’s in terms of “input- output” of performance and the standards used to measure its efficiency. The organism is also chosen to analyse the Joint Commission, being an organization dedicated to the respect and preservation of life. Morgan has used the metaphor of machines to describe organizations that are designed to achieve specific purposes using a standardized method. The metaphor of organisms is used by Morgan to describe organizations as living organisms that strive to adapt and survive in an environment that constantly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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