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Initially, I was hesitant in taking up Law as a subject since I knew taking it up as a course would tantamount to making a career in Law as well. The choice was tough, and I had to undergo a lot of research (through word of mouth, the internet and career counseling) for this matter…
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Reflective statement
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Download file to see previous pages Understanding various laws was quite interesting; I was able to not only develop familiarity with various concepts in law, but also apply them to various real life situations with great ease and command. Although I still feel I am not as confident while applying the laws to real life scenarios as I ought to be, I believe this course has sown the seeds for my interest in this subject which was previously absent. The course helped me realize the importance of law which previously I thought was merely the concern of lawyers and law practitioners. I soon learnt that Law has a lot of scope, be it any form of business or any aspect of life. Law is not necessarily the art of the lawyers; it is something each individual ought to be aware of in the highly institutionalized and regulated world of today (Lubet, 2008). This course has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and understand the implications of Law on personal and professional life. It has encouraged me to pursue Law as a career, also because of high returns in this field. I feel I have now developed the appropriate aptitude for taking up law as a career. Most importantly, however, I have understood the political, social, global and ethical context in which the doctrines of law are manifested. This, I believe, is critical to my survival in a highly interdependent globalized world. I was able to submit all the portfolio pieces well in time because of the support of my instructor and colleagues who helped me in understanding the requirements of the portfolio and helped me in analyzing data and relating it to the field of law. The portfolio completion revealed a lot about me that I myself was unaware of. I learnt I was organized, responsible and punctual because I submitted my entire piece in due time with well organized work. I was not like majority of the students who run out of time and then go running for completion of the work at the eleventh hour. This is something that has boosted my self confidence in other courses as well. However, I did face difficulty in applying the doctrines of Law to real life examples and relating them with real life situations. I had to read the law twice or thrice at times, in order to attain a firm grip on the doctrines. Nevertheless, the internet was an invaluable tool and I learnt a lot about how to get the right information at the right time on the internet. A lot of concepts that intrigued me were clarified by my search on the internet which helped me in timely completion of my portfolio. The most enjoyable aspect of this course was that it enabled me to think beyond the obvious; that is it stimulated my thinking abilities by enabling me to critically analyze a wide array of situations in which law can be applied. Case studies were very enjoyable and perhaps were the best aspect of this course because they usually involved team work which was fun in itself. Case studies enabled me to apply whatever I had learnt in the course and to think critically about various laws, their effectiveness and usability in various situations. This was, for me, also the most interesting aspect of this course as I learnt to not just solve problems in the light of global, social, ethnic and legal context but also how to work in teams. Thus, this course enhanced the much needed interpersonal and problem solving skills in a team setting which also posed challenges. At times, team work was difficult and the team would approach a deadlock when one or more members would prove to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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