Watching Starcraft, Strategy and South Korea. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Review - Essay Example

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One of the most in-depth articles written on the effects of gaming cultures unto societies, especially in the dawn of real time computer strategy games, is the article written by Christian McCea, entitled “Watching Starcraft, Strategy and South Korea” …
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Watching Starcraft, Strategy and South Korea. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Review
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Download file to see previous pages In this article, McCea actually talks about reading South Korean culture through their gaming experience with Starcraft, a real time strategy game. As stated by McCea, “So it was with some surprise that I caught myself attempting to read South Korean culture in the texture of strategy. Boxer subverted the play methods built up over six years and deployed a usually unsuccessful strategy to an embarrassing, crushing success, three short matches in sequence. That the strategy worked three times in a row testified to its perfect timing and his dedication to training. The broadcast cut to Boxer’s reaction, wracked by sorrow by having to short-circuit the drama of extended play and so convincingly defeat a friend. This was no longer about Starcraft.” (McCea 2009) In this case, the researcher would like to clearly explain the concepts in the article by using another game. In this case, the researcher of this paper would use the game “Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne,” which is also a real time strategy game like Starcraft. ...
As McCea has stated, in the case of Korea and the Starcraft game, “…youth culture ‘abandoned popular leisure activities such as billiards, arcade game and Korean checkers’ in favor of wholesale uptake of the game. The game has a degree of synonymity with Korea’s growth of digital leisure, and especially with the development of PC bangs. The game has become a site in which a multiplicity of other dramas and narratives unfurl and unfold; a toy map for larger cultural dramas to express themselves.” (McCea 2009) Another important concept that was shown by McCea in his article was the concept of “patterns of consciousness” (McCea 2009) which is actually used by players who engage in real time strategy computer games. According to McCea, “The players of strategy games arrange matter and units in accordance with patterns of consciousness in a consistent way exploring their capacity to think backward and forward in the space optimized to represent their thought: the designated game board. The games are meditations on temporality, operating vertically through scale and horizontally through time. The rules of the game expand and contract the sociality; the competitiveness and the quality of play…because different cultures play the same game in different ways and create variants…” (McCea 2009) Last but not the least of the concepts presented by McCea in his paper is the fact that success in real time strategy computer games actually contribute much to one’s status and fame, especially when “…constitutes success becomes conflated with fame, with narrative surprise and conduct—more and more with the continuance of all the strata that feed into the readable surface of the game” and that, as “Geertz identified the center bet as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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