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Educational goals and rationale for those goals plus short annottated bibliography - Essay Example

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Educational goals and rationale Educational goals and rationale Different people may have different opinions about the goals and rationale of education. Some people believe that education is a mean for obtaining good jobs or profession whereas some others are of the view that the rationale of education is to make good citizens and to help the people in developing a sound personality…
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Educational goals and rationale for those goals plus short annottated bibliography
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, it is not necessary that two person who got the same training may have similar knowledge on a particular topic. This is purely because of the differences intelligence and learning styles. Entwistle (1986) has classified learning into three major categories; deep, surface, and strategic (Entwistle, 1986). In other words, some people may acquire only the surface level knowledge whereas others may acquire in depth knowledge. A third segment of people may consider their learning as a strategy to obtain some professional excellence or career goals. In any case, learning or education will never be a waste for anybody in their life. This paper briefly analyses the goals and rationale of education. “The best way for a person to learn depends on the person, of course” (Understanding Different Learning Styles, n. d) One of the major goals of education is to assist the students in their learning styles and to improve their skills in all areas, specifically in science. Different students may have different intelligence levels and learning styles. In such situations, the teacher should try to provide individualized learning atmosphere for the students. Teachers should assess the learning styles of their students and make necessary changes in their teaching styles. For example, some students may find it easy to grasp when the teacher was able to connect the topic with familiar life situations. In some other cases, students develop curiosity when the teacher was able to develop a particular topic from a known situation to unknown situation. Many students like the problem solving method of learning. In any case, the teacher should be able flexible in his teaching methods to cater the needs of all the students in the class. Scientific knowledge is essential for rational thinking or critical thinking. Critical thinking is the much needed quality to enhance learning. In the absence of critical thinking, students will get only the surface level knowledge about a particular topic. As the name implies, surface learning helps a person to learn a topic only at the surface level. The learner may not penetrate deep into the roots of the knowledge in such cases. For example, the knowledge “Atom is the smallest element of matter” is only a surface level knowledge. On the other hand, if the student was able to analyze why atom became the smallest element, what are the constituents of atom, structure of atom, various internal and external forces which bind atoms together in the molecule etc, the student will get in-depth knowledge about the particular topic atom. The goals of education are to provoke such critical thinking abilities in the minds of the students. The third major goal of education is to improve the academic skills of the students. This can be done through a variety of methods. Technology is developing rapidly and these technological developments can help students to improve their academic skills. For example, earlier, students relied on published books for getting more details about a particular topic. However, the introduction of internet has changed the whole scenario. Now students look into the internet first to get specialized knowledge about any topics. The students should be given adequate training in using modern technologies to enhance their learning potentials. Another goal of education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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