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Primate Conservation - Essay Example

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Immediate threats to primates: Its solutions. Pros and cons and the best solution possible. Threats to primate conservation Can you imagine that your life is being threatened by one of your relatives? Isn’t it too scary to think about it also? Primates, one of the closest living relatives of humans are alarmingly becoming extinct and we, the people, are responsible for it…
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Primate Conservation
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Extract of sample "Primate Conservation"

Download file to see previous pages The IUCN has classified 114 out of 379 existing species of primates on the high risk of extinction. Before knowing the steps we can take for conserving them, the reasons behind their extinction should also be known. The immediate threat to primate extinction is ignited through the unfair activities of the humans, which may be directly through habitat disturbance or hunting (intrinsic factors) and indirectly through the introduction of exotic species or a chain of secondary extinctions (extrinsic factors). There are other reasons behind it too, like any natural calamity-drought, famine or floods, or, because of any kind of disease. Also, extinction risk is higher in species of primates with a small population rather than a big one. This happens largely due to predation or a certain kind of any life risking disease which might spread from one primate to another in a particular group and hence lead to their extinction. The intrinsic factors, habitat change and hunting, are the most important threats to the survival of primates than any other factor (Extinction, n.d). Primates are succumbed to habitat changes because they are losing their homes and food which are most vital for their survival. Trees that are used for home and food by these primates are being cut down extensively to fulfill the market demand for lumber which is considered as a very good source for building material and for fuel. Secondly, farm land which has been cleared of forest trees are in huge demand by plantation owners for setting up business farming industry. Medical advances leading to higher birth rate and increase in immigration is also leading to further decrease in the number of primates in their territory. Thus, the problem of loss of habitat is made worse by human pressure on the forests. Primates require big area enough as homes and if not provided with ultimately lead their death and as we know, chances of existence of small population is very grim (Science daily, 2007). Another crucial threat that is being faced by our so called relatives is hunting. There is an insatiable demand for bush meat that leads to hunting. Also, many body parts of these primates are used for making traditional Chinese medicine especially in the South East Asia. They are also hunted for the private pet trade (IUCN, 2008). As we all know primate conservation needs to be taken a step forward but in certain areas they are causing excessive damage to the farmer’s fields which is also a matter for concern. According to a research done in the adjoining areas of Budongo Forest Reserve in Uganda, they spoiled the crops of maize and cassava in that area extensively (Journal of Primatology, 2000). Any farmland closely situated to any forests or reserves has to face these consequences thus incurring a huge loss to the farmers. Another study done in Ambroseli National Park, Kenya, stated that there is a lot of aggressiveness amongst the inter group of primates. They try to snatch non natural foods from the tourists of the park. Many tourists also complained of monkeys attacking and injuring them around the lodge (African Journal of Ecology, 1998). Dr. Joves Engel, a research scientist in the division of International programs at the UW’s Washington National Private Research Centre says “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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