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Human Resource Information System on Emerging Countries: A Case study of Procter and Gamble China - Essay Example

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In this report, a conceptual analysis of HRIS will be undertaken to gain a clearer understanding of the scheme. This is necessary in view of the fact that HRIS is a recent development in HRM and that probable reason for its use can first be attained by gaining a clear understanding of what is HRIS. Following this, a case study of HRIS will be undertaken. …
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Human Resource Information System on Emerging Countries: A Case study of Procter and Gamble China
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Download file to see previous pages The case study will focus on Procter and Gamble-China. The reason for doing a single-case study is that it allows the reporter the opportunity to understand the phenomenon as it happens and not from a historical perspective (Yin, 2009). In this case, the implementation of HRIS in Procter and Gamble – China is the phenomenon being observed. Lastly, a recommendation will be made elucidating on how HRIS is not only cost effective for Procter and Gamble-China, but it is a clear demonstration of P&G-China’s socially responsible behavior.
Furthermore, the aims of this report are to understand HRIS in theory and to come up with a concrete application of HRIS in actual practice. In addition, the report will have the following structure. The first part is the introduction wherein the subject of the report is introduced, what is to be expected of the report is provided, the aims of the report are stated, and the structure of the paper is given. The following section is the literature review wherein trends and current discussion pertaining to the HRIS is presented, while, the third part is about the case study dealing with P&G-China and HRIS. Finally, the recommendations of the report will be given.
Literature Review Introduction In the literature review, discussion regarding the nature of human resource information system will be presented. It will explore the context from where the notion of HRIS has emerged, and then proceed to its definition, then followed by its stages of implementation. After that, the benefits of HRIS will be presented and then its disadvantages will be given. This flow is followed to gain a clearer understanding of the nature of HRIS. The Context Globalization and rapid progress in computer and information technology are some of the primary drivers of change affecting the nature of contemporary organizations and the world market (Balakrishnan, 2003; Fischer, 2004). In this scenario, it has become an integral for the survival of an organization in the global market to recognize the vital part of employees in the success of the company. However, the “acknowledgement, development and systematic use of the skills and knowledge of employees” (Ramirez et al. 496) in the pursuit of the organization’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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