Compare and contrast the lives of Plato and Malcom X - Essay Example

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Plato and Malcolm X Views about Education There have been many Greek philosophers in ancient Greece among whom; Plato has occupied one of the most prominent positions. Indeed Plato always felt that, education is the most significant factor required for any society…
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Compare and contrast the lives of Plato and Malcom X
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Download file to see previous pages This according to Plato is very essential because it will make them experts in that particular field, which would indeed benefit the society. ( ) Malcolm X was a great political figure in America and was an advocate for voicing the concerns of the Black American’s. According to Malcolm X he felt that, education is the most primary requirement for any individual without which, they would not be able to make any progress in the world. Indeed he felt that, educated individuals can take themselves into the future with greater confidence. Learning according to Plato and Malcolm X As per Plato he felt that learning is only a form of recollection. Plato was of the view that, the human soul is well aware of all universal facts and that for any person seeking knowledge, they only need to do a form of recollection. Indeed Plato felt the real need for people to reason out the things that they come across in day today life. This was because he felt that the majority of humans were leading a life that was totally closed and chained, which could not reveal the truth that existed in the world. This message is being beautifully passed onto the readers by Plato who asks the people to search for this truth, which is hidden in the universe. ( ) Malcolm X on the other hand never wanted to stop learning all through his life. He felt that learning is a continuous process and that each person had to have a good primary education and should always go in for higher studies if they get a chance to do so. He himself felt very unhappy for having had to stop his school education and all through his life had an urge to continue with his education. He started life as one being at the bottom of the society, which was much dominated by the American whites. But Malcolm X through his ability grew from a troubled initial childhood to become one of America’s topmost political figures. ( Influence of Socrates on Plato Socrates had a profound influence on Plato. Plato had become one of the most important students of Socrates and it is only through Plato’s writings that, much of Socrates teachings about philosophy come to light. It was Plato who recorded most of Socrates conversations with others and presented it before the world, to show the wisdom of his beloved teacher. Indeed Socrates death brought so much of grief to Plato, that he devoted his entire life for the teaching of philosophy and to spread Socrates teachings. Thus Plato started his own school for philosophical teachings for the young men, which was named as The Academy that became the most important centre for Greek learning. ( ) Influence of Bimbi on Malcolm X Malcolm X got much of his inspiration from a prison mate by name Bimbi. Malcolm X was so much attracted and influenced by Bimbi, since the latter had a wonderful ability to dominate any form of discussion through his speech as well as by means of his ideas. Indeed this had become one of the turning points in Malcolm’s life and the inspiration that he acquired from Bimbi, turned to a great motivating force which made him a very powerful political figure in America. ( ) Leadership Skills of Plato and Malcolm X Plato was a great leader and had many followers. He inspired many of his later students by his leadership skills whom he taught in The Academy. Among them Aristotle became one of the students who became greatly influenced by Plato’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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