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General Management Table of Contents 1. When Hedin Asks For Your Professional Advice, Will You Recommend All Outsiders Or A Mix Of Employees And Outsiders To Fill The Director Positions? Justify Your Answer With Sensible Arguments Supported By Examples. 3 2…
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General Management
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Download file to see previous pages 7 6. How Is Culture Transmitted To Employees Of An Organization? Explain The Four Primary Transmission Modalities And Provide Two Relevant Examples Of Each. 9 References 10 1. When Hedin Asks For Your Professional Advice, Will You Recommend All Outsiders Or A Mix Of Employees And Outsiders To Fill The Director Positions? Justify Your Answer With Sensible Arguments Supported By Examples. Directors play an imperative role in business management in the modern day context. They are not only responsible for determining the organizational policies, but are also accountable for the overall performance of the company. To be precise, evaluation of the organizational performance, planning of the organizational operations, executing the planning and re-evaluating the overall performance, i.e. the overall management functions are programmed and controlled by the directors (Wisconsin Rivers, n.d.). Therefore, it is quite important for the potential directors to be experienced and qualified to deal with the challenges to organize and execute the management operations of the business. The directors for an organization can be recruited both from the external environment of the organization, i.e. an outsider and also from the internal environment of an organization, i.e. the employee of the organization (Mittal, 2007). ...
On the similar context, recruiting employees of the organization as its director can raise the limitations of adequate and dependable qualifications and skills to perform the duty of the board of directors (Hermalin, 2004). Even in this case, it would be preferable to choose directors from internal as well as external environment which will mitigate the constraints of hiring only outside directors or internal directors with due consideration to their skills and qualifications in terms of academics and also in terms of personal traits. This in turn will reward enhanced performance of the organization. 2. Explain How Present Day Managers Convert Potential “Threats” Into “Opportunities”. You May Use Examples To Elaborate The Answer. In the modern day phenomenon, it is of no doubt that small businesses are facing remarkable stress in terms of increasing competition in almost every sector of the corporate world. In such a situation, it is quite certain that almost every manager will tend to grab the opportunities served by the business environment and mitigate the potential threats which are likely to obstruct the achievement of the organization. In order to face the challenges raised from steep competition, managers in the present day are becoming more focused on the conversion of potential “Threats” into expected “Opportunities” for their businesses (Hitt & Et. Al., 2010). Evidences have revealed that managers in the 21st century often apply strategies in order to convert potential “Threats” into advantageous “Opportunities”. Most of the strategies concentrate on the innovation and creation of fresh products and/or services with the assistance of modern technologies and greater emphasis on research and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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