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Comparative analysis between The Heathen by Jack London and The Open Boat by Stephen Crane - Essay Example

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The stories “The Heathen” by Jack London and “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane are a description, showing the fury of nature that sailors of the seas often encounter. Friendship and brotherhood have been the aspects, which have been highlighted in both these stories…
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Comparative analysis between The Heathen by Jack London and The Open Boat by Stephen Crane
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Extract of sample "Comparative analysis between The Heathen by Jack London and The Open Boat by Stephen Crane"

Download file to see previous pages Sea voyages are generally considered to be quite dangerous due to the unpredictability of oceans and nature’s fury is being presented in both these stories. “Eighty feet high splashes that were monstrous went above the mastheads.” The Heathen. ( ) Indeed both stories have been splendid when it comes to describing the human relationship, which exists between the different members during the course of their journey at sea. It also very beautifully brings forward the message that, during adversities it is the mutual trust and help that will enable each sailor to tide against all odds. Both stories have been quite effective, in showing the vagaries that the ship crew face during a ship wreck and the miraculous escapes of a few of them, who are partly saved by luck and partly due to the level of confidence each crew is filled with. Though ship wrecks are a common occurrence during olden days both these stories bring out the way by which the sailors and crew members overcome such adversities. It shows that people with the highest level of skill and intelligence, only can survive ship wrecks and sea journey is not for the weak hearted. Thus it is only ultimately the strong and bold men who challenge adversity are the one’s who survive ship wrecks. “If men get adequate training they would not get drowned in sea due to the commonly occurring shipwrecks.” The Open Boat. ( ) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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