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Living in the Global Community What then shall we do - Essay Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Living in the Global Community; what then shall we do? Within the world of present times, it is of essence to know that the problems easily surpass the goodness which exists within its fore. The issues which have made it big in the recent times have included the global poverty, the rise in inflation, falling education standards, terrorism and the unequal distribution of resources across the board…
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Living in the Global Community What then shall we do
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Download file to see previous pages These matters bring a level of insecurity to this world because their implications are much higher than one can expect. Further, it is always a desirable act to understand that living in a global community calls for many sacrifices. People need to comprehend where the other person might come up from, what his dispositions are and what the entire society is going through before deducing a statement or forming an opinion. This paper takes a look at just that and finds out how people’s views have shaped up the world in the time and age of today. Considering how people believe in the dictum of bringing in global harmony, the first and foremost thing to notice, analyze and properly understand is that perspectives might not entirely be true. For the people living in North America, these issues might not be that huge because they are lucky to receive many benefits and facilities at the hands of their own governments. These especially include the likes of Canada, Mexico and the superpower nation of the world – the United States of America. ...
The North Americans are of the opinion that the entire world must listen to them and follow their dictum, which is not a very practical and understandable thing in essence. What these people forget is the fact that they are nearly 1/8th of the entire world’s population and hence cannot rule the nuances of the globe all on their own. One should believe that their view is biased more than anything else as they have long taken this world and its people for granted. Since they are at the zenith of being hailed as the most developed nations in the world, no one can deny the fact that they ought to think as such. For the people living in “low human development” countries this is something of a major problem. This is because the “low human development” countries expect a great deal at the hands of the nations which have made it big within the global landscape but the same does not come about as a result of which there is a global divide amongst nations. The people within such countries are undernourished and not given their due which is a sad anomaly if seen properly within the thick of things. The global bodies like the World Trade Organization (WTO), International Labor Organization (ILO), the World Bank (WB) and other significant trade and educational institutions have a significant role to play within the utilization of resources for the sake of the “low human development” countries because these are suffering on a number of different counts, and now is the time to make amends. The people within such countries feel that they have been hard done by because their rights have been usurped by the countries that have been already developed and are on the pathway to achieve further progress in the future. This is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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